Mass Communications

The Analytics and Decision Support (ADS) Office assists Marketing in coordinating mass communication for the university through mass e-mails, phone blasts, and postal mailings. This coordination includes consistently improving our current processes, methods, and measures. Our goal is to be as effective as possible with communication initiatives with our recipients in mind.

If you would like to utilize these services, please contact the Marketing Department for more information.

Non-Marketing Mass Communications

The non-Marketing process is a route designed for projects that Marketing has approved to bypass their normal creative services and be sent out directly through our mass communication tools.


  1. Please allow for four full business days after submitting the request before the campaign is set to drop.
    • Please bear in mind that any changes to the project requirements within those four days could delay the timeline up to four additional days from when the most recent change is requested.
  2. ADS Marketing will review the request after it has been submitted and reach out if there are any outstanding requirements.
  3. ADS Communications will send a test on the last full business day before the drop. Emails dropping after close of business (6pm) will be tested earlier that day during business hours.

Submission Process:

  1. Please reach out to your Marketing Project Coordinator for approval to bypass their team, then proceed to the following directions (graduate students must receive approval through the IRB).
  2. Once approval is received, proceed to the Project Request Portal and start a new request. Do not submit the request through Service Now.
  3. On the next page select the non-Marketing option. This process is very similar to submitting a normal marketing request, except a non-Marketing request requires you to check the “Non-Marketing Request” box while submitting a “requesting a project” form.

What to submit:

  1. All content needs to be submitted along with submission request.
    • Body copy (preferably HTML), links, from name, from address, subject line, etc.
    • Attach approval from Marketing or, in the case of a graduate student, approval from the IRB.
  2. Exact drop date and time.
  3. Target audience (select and exclude). Needs to be more specific than i.e., “entire database.”
    • Also include in the select an address that needs to receive a single copy of the email when it sends as a confirmation.
  4. Provide an email address for ADS Communications of who needs to receive a test. If multiple addresses are provided, please indicate who will be ready to approve the test email on the day of set up.


  1. The non-Marketing process does not include content writing, design, image hosting, or any creative work outside of our standard template.
  2. Please include all details pertinent to your request (i.e., Sending email address, subject line, attached Word/HTML documents outlining content, etc.).
  3. Populations outside of the requestors department need to be preapproved by the department responsible for that data before submitting the request.
  4. Communications sending to entire faculty/staff cannot be non-marketing requests per marketing department.
  5. Limitations by channel:
    • Emails cannot include attachments nor can emails be CC’d or BCC’d
    • Text blasts must be 160 characters or less and Text blasts cannot include links.
  6. Unfortunately, graduate students cannot be provided with the final recipients list.

Feel free to reach out to if you have any other questions about how to submit a request. After the request is submitted, ADS Marketing  staff will happily coordinate your campaign alongside you.