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Reporting & Analytics

The Analytics & Decision Support (ADS) is responsible for providing the reporting and analytical needs of Liberty University’s departments such as Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office, University Advancement, and Housing. ADS formats internal, structured data into functional information by gathering, analyzing, and distributing reports to aid in the decision making process. ADS also works closely with the business units to ensure accurate definitions are used in reporting to line up with the current business practices.

Reports and Analysis provided by ADS

  • Student lifecycle trends and forecasting
  • Monitoring daily operations
  • Managing information data mined from external sources
  • Evaluating facts and figures for effective ROI

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Banner is an administrative software application developed specifically for higher education institutions. It consists of six highly integrated systems: Finance, Alumni/Advancement, Student, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and General Shared Data. Though each system is contained within its own module, they all share a common database. This makes it easy to maintain records for individuals as they progress through the University life cycle: first as they apply to the University, then as they become a student, graduate, and become an alumnus.

Because of the common database, multiple departments use the information stored in Banner. Although information is shared, many users are allowed only to look up (query) specific information. Banner also has sophisticated security measures to make sure that only authorized individuals have access to specific data.

Banner Support provides both technical and functional support for Banner directly to technical personnel and functional users within each area at LU. Banner Support also maintains the database configuration, assists with adapting university processes to utilize the software to its fullest capacity, and even assists with functional tasks within a system that require technical expertise.

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Business Process Review

A Business Process Review (BPR) is a critical analysis of existing business processes to identify opportunities to improve compliance, improve quality, reduce costs, and cut process time. A BPR examines existing processes, procedures and information systems for bottlenecks, inefficiencies and any inabilities that prevent an office from performing at its highest level.

Tasks and goals

  • Gain understanding of business processes in their assigned business unit.
  • Formally document and maintain learned business processes.
  • Analyze business processes and suggest improvements to business unit leads.
  • Develop relationships across business units in an effort to better understand the needs and goals of the department, as well as provide the business unit with a better link to IT.
  • Envision, propose, and implement technological solutions and training that better equip the business unit to meet its goals.

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Mass Communications (Campaign Enterprise)

Analytics & Decision Support assists Marketing in coordinating mass communication for the university through emails, phone blasts, and mailings. This coordination includes consistently improving our current processes, methods, and measures. Our goal is to be as effective as possible with communication initiatives with our recipients in mind.

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Lightweight Forms Development

Liberty University’s Analytics and Decisions Support teams (ADS) uses a suite of technologies that allow expedient and interchangeable development of a front end graphical user interface to access Liberty University’s underlying Banner data.  It allows for varying levels of customization, depending on the complexity of the business process that each specific form is intended to handle.  The user interface and the workflow that supports it can both be customized to fit the needs of the business process.

By using Other Request in the ServiceNow catalog, ADS will consult with you to determine whether lightweight form development will best fit your needs.  If lightweight form development is the best fit, they will work with you to develop a customizable form where you may easily obtain data from end-users and manipulate the data to fit your needs.