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Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity tool that integrates all of the features you need to collaborate with your team. As a student or employee of Liberty University, you receive this subscription for free. It includes the Microsoft Office Suite, 50 GB of email, unlimited storage space in OneDrive, and more! 

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Software you need, when you need it

Microsoft Office software is included for free in your Office 365 subscription as long as you’re a student or employee at Liberty University. You can download these industry-leading applications on up to 5 devices so you can access your work anywhere, anytime. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are a few of the robust tools you’ll be able to access on your desktop and online to create and share documents.  

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Messaging takes flight

Email through Office 365 instantly syncs messages and calendars across all of your devices so you can communicate in real time. Due to OneDrive integration, sharing files has never been easier. Plus, the 50 GB of inbox storage means you can hold on to the messages and files you want.  

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One place for your documents

OneDrive for Business provides you with unlimited storage space to create, edit, and share important documents. The ability to sync your files makes completing daily tasks both simple and convenient. Drag-and-drop any of your files into OneDrive and watch them instantly appear across all of your devices. 

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Collaborate with your team online

Office 365 Groups simplifies the collaboration process by connecting you to the people, information, and tools you need to get work done together. Groups are mobile and touch-friendly, which means you can coordinate tasks, schedule meetings, and share files on the go. As an added benefit, you are able to control the privacy settings, which allows you to leave your group open or closed to the public.

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Your work is protected

Security was far from an afterthought for the Office 365 team. Using highly reliable encryption, Office 365 protects your information at HIPPA and FERPA compliance standards. In other words, you are safe to send, receive, and store any type of files without the worry of lost or compromised 



Where teamwork happens

Yammer gives you the opportunity to connect with fellow students, staff, and faculty in the Liberty community all through a private social network. You can start conversations, collaborate on files and organize projects—so you can go further, faster. 

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