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Microsoft Teams brings together the full breadth and depth of Office 365, to provide a true chat-based hub for teamwork and give customers the opportunity to create a more open, fluid, and digital environment. Microsoft Teams is built on existing Microsoft technologies woven together by Office 365 Groups.

Teams provides a persistent chat capability, calling and meetings, easy access to other components of Office 365 as well as a robust extensibility story. This provides a hub for teamwork that is appropriate for enterprise companies, small organizations and everyone in between.

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Need to grab someone’s attention? With Microsoft Teams, you can ‘@‘ somebody to grab their attention by sending them a notification.

Group Chats

Effectively collaborate with everyone on projects or loop in another department by utilizing Microsoft Teams’ group chat feature.

Video Calls

Take conversations to the next level with in-app video calls. It’s another way that teams makes your conversations more meaningful.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app for teams where all conversations, meetings, files, and notes can be accessed by everyone, all in one place. It’s a place for collaboration and work to happen in the open. Microsoft Team’s interface is reminiscent of social media chat clients, like Facebook or Google Hangouts.

Use the 'Help' button within Teams. Help is a collection questions you may have about Microsoft Teams or how to use Teams! Type a question, keyword or phrase into Help and it will find the answers for you!

Teams may work best if you download it; however, you do not need to download Teams. You can access it straight from your web browser. Just make sure you're using the newest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. *Safari is currently not supported.

Most definitely! With Teams, you can send GIFs, file attachments, use tabs, group messages, video calls, and much more! Additionally, you can use the search bar to search through all your conversations and easily find other members of the University.

In the top left corner of Teams, you'll see the Activity button. This will keep track of all your conversations, group chats, '@' mentions, and replies to your messages. Basically, if it involves you, Activity will have a copy of everything regarding you.

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Support for Teams

Teams may seem like an ambitious change; however, we're here to help. We’re working towards crafting a more innovative and collaborative platform that will meet the needs of the entire university. If you find yourself getting lost or needing a little additional help, our Technology Education Center provides essential training on teams. Additionally, if you’re having issues with Teams, you may contact the IT Helpdesk where a knowledgeable technician will assist you with Teams.

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