You now have one place to store everything! OneDrive can be accessed through the link below or the App Launcher in the upper-left hand corner of your email. From there, you will notice many features that are all there to store and protect your files. To get started, drag-and-drop any file less than 10 GB into your OneDrive and watch how it automatically updates across your devices. After you have built up a library of all of your work files, you'll be able to easily find them through the built-in search engine.

Enter OneDrive

Storage that meets your needs

Through your OneDrive subscription, you'll be able to keep all of the files you want in OneDrive with unlimited storage space. Drag-and-drop any file smaller than 10 GB into your OneDrive and watch it update across your devices in real time. You'll be able to access and share them on the go through your phone, tablet, and computer. 


An office that goes with you

Beyond saving your files in OneDrive, you can also create new documents to share or save. OneDrive comes with Office Online, so you can create, edit, and share your work regardless of the type of device you or your group is working on. 


Team work makes the dream work

As soon as you save a file in OneDrive, you will be able to share it and collaborate with your team members in real time. This secure sharing feature allows you to control who is able to access and edit each file. 


Your work is protected

All of the files in your OneDrive are housed in off-site servers owned and operated by Microsoft. These locations have multiple levels of digital and physical security that are all put in place to protect your work. Every server has built-in antivirus and anti-spam filters. Additionally, any of your files that are housed in OneDrive are encrypted en route and at rest.




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