ADS Operations Team


Ivie Brabham Lilly


Beth Laughlin

Program Manager

Jerry Truax

Technical Lead

Jake Durfee

Technical Lead

Tony Trupe

Technical Lead

Carl Wilcoxen

Jr. Data Scientist

Joseph Woosley

Auxiliary Services, Finance, HR, & Reporting Team Lead

Autum Phillips

IS Team Lead

Brian Tencher

Dev Team Lead

Daniel Marchant

Student Financial Services Team Lead

ADS University Operations - Auxiliary Services Team

ADS Auxiliary Services supports the day-to-day operations of all departments within Athletics, Auxiliary Services including Club Sports, Physical Plant, Planning and Construction, and Card Services. We assist in the design of business processes to produce data points, the utilization of technologies used to collect data, the design, and creation of operational reports and dashboards, as well as assist in data analysis.



  • Joseph Woosley (Team Lead)
  • Christian Garland
  • Ian Buckmaster
  • Reuben John




ADS University Operations - ADS Finance Team

ADS Finance supports the day-to-day operations of all departments within Finance including Procurement, Accounting, Cashiering , and Treasury Services as well as Procurement and Contract Administration, Internal Audit, and Strategic Analysis. We provide support in each of our financial systems including BuyLU, Infor, and Banner as well as providing operational reporting and data analysis.



  • Joseph Woosley (Team Lead)
  • Andrew Schaefer
  • Beth Perez
  • James Edmiston
  • Mark Cheatham
  • Trey Tomlin




ADS University Operations - ADS Human Resources Team

ADS HR provides business process support and reporting to Human Resources.



  • Joseph Woosley (Team Lead)
  • David Chen
  • Reed Kerr


Contact: ServiceNow ticket or ADS HR business unit contact


ADS Information Services Team

ADS IS process owners drive process development, collaborating with stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the process, reviewing any proposed enhancements to the process, managing any changes, and communicating with users affected by any process changes. Process owners also ensure that their processes are well-defined, documented, and measurable. For established processes, process owners ensure that training and process adherence guidelines are available and administered while acting as liaisons for competing for process outcomes and working to reconcile these competing outcomes through process improvements.



  • Autum Phillips (Team Lead)
  • Anna Hutchinson
  • Eric Viets
  • Jomer Bunque
  • Vivian Carrera




ADS Operations Business Process Development Team

ADS Ops Development creates applications to transform inefficient business processes into efficient business processes. Whether it is digitizing paper processes, streamlining approval processes, automating manual systems, building work management suites, or creating custom features and modules for ServiceNow, ADS Ops Development’s aim is to help the operational departments of Liberty University continue to improve through innovation and enhancement.



  • Brian Tencher (Team Lead)
  • Allison Newman
  • Colton Funk
  • Josh Gerstner
  • Taleah Wheeler


Contact: ServiceNow ticket or use ADS business unit contact


ADS Operations Reporting Team

ADS Ops Reporting primarily creates and maintains large dashboard-style reporting. In addition to reporting, the team is also responsible for managing and administering various Tableau sites and utility partitions within the data warehouse.



  • Joseph Woosley (Team Lead)
  • Carl Wilcoxen
  • Hannah Hudnall
  • Timothy Norman


Contact: ServiceNow ticket or use ADS business unit contact


ADS Student Financial Services Team

ADS SFS serves the Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Military Offices by maintaining business systems setup, completing business area-specific report requests, and facilitating digital security for these offices. In addition, they create data for federal, state, and outside agency reporting pertaining to their business areas. Continuous improvement in automation and increased processing efficiency is also a focus.



  • Daniel Marchant (Team Lead)
  • Ben Haseltine
  • Brittany Clemons
  • Dakota Coleman
  • Ed Phillips
  • Hal Scott
  • Julie Vaders-Collins
  • Mark Miller
  • Philip Allison
  • Sarah Fucello
  • Twon Smith