Bookshelf is a web application for helping students to easily access their textbook and engage with
the reading experience. With Bookshelf, you have a variety of tools available to help you study:

  • Search for a term or phrase
  • Add bookmarks in your textbook
  • Highlight text and take notes
  • Share and subscribe to notes by others

Depending on which course you take here at Liberty University, you might notice a Bookshelf link in Canvas. This means a digital copy of your textbook is available through Inclusive Access. We understand how important it is to easily access and navigate your textbook, so we’ve provided a few helpful resources below.

Student Resources

Access Bookshelf in Canvas

Create Bookshelf Account

Bookshelf Desktop Download

eBook Navigation

Highlight Text

Managing Highlighters

Notebook & Review Mode

Sharing & Subscribing

Technical Support

Need assistance? We are here to help!

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