Cengage is an education and technology company built for learners and educators alike. The company provides various learning tools and technologies, such as digital textbooks, student resources, and course materials. If your LUO course is using resources from Cengage, the two major platforms that you may see are MindTap and WebAssign. Use the information in these various sections to learn more about using these Cengage materials in your LUO courses.





Cengage is thrilled to partner with Liberty University to deliver some of the most innovative technologies in higher education. Learn a bit more about what drives us in the videos below:

Learn more about Cengage and How-to use their products on their YouTube channel.





Build student confidence and help every learner discover limitless opportunities with Cengage products and services.  


Ready to Adopt?

  1. Selection:  Cengage is available to help you virtually go through the selection process. Please visit # for Cengage's online course adoption form. 
  2. Adoption:  After you have chosen your resources, you will need to submit the specific information within the Inclusive Access Adoption Form
    • Some information you will need includes: Your Liberty Course Information, College/School the Course Falls Under, Title of the Textbook, Author Information, Edition, and ISBN.
  3. Curriculum Building:  Once the Inclusive Access Adoption Form has been approved, there are numerous support systems to assist with the curriculum building processes. 
    • The Center for Curriculum Development (CAD) team is available to help you identify the changes needed to your course. CAD has a variety of Professional Services to assist you through this project, as well as embedded personnel.  

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