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IT Success - HelpDesk Blitz

As the 2016 school year got underway, multiple teams from IT set up shop in the Jerry Falwell Library for the annual IT Blitz. Between August 24th and September 2nd, students, faculty, and staff were able to have their questions about connectivity, printers, software, hardware, or their LU account answered by members of Campus Support (CS) or Communications (COMS).

During the event, CS successfully handled over 2,200 requests from walk-in traffic as well as requests submitted through the Help Desk Portal. The top requests students brought to the Blitz included network setup/connectivity, software installations (including Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud), and support for printers or mobile devices.


Students, faculty, or staff with questions about hardware, software, or applications should contact the IT Help Desk. Many questions have already been answered by CS via Help Desk DIY. There, hundreds of articles written by subject matter experts direct the reader through basic troubleshooting steps.


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IT Success - Dropbox

In late July, Information Services (IS) launched a new cloud-based storage solution for University Faculty and staff. Dropbox for Education is a platform for file storage and collaboration that improves idea sharing. It also simplifies data accessibility whether working on campus or remotely. Once created, a Dropbox account provides several efficiency and storage advantages:

  • Unlimited storage of work & personal files
  • File version rollback for any file saved in Dropbox
  • Deletion recovery
  • Remote access to all files without the use of VPN
  • Ability to collaborate with internal and external by sharing files

Initially released to the population in waves, Dropbox is currently available to approximately eight thousand faculty and staff members. So far, adoption has been promising (all data presented as of August 22, 2016):

  • Over thirteen hundred people have created a Dropbox for education account
  • Dropbox for education folders have been accessed on over one thousand different devices
  • Over four terabytes of data have been moved to Dropbox folders

Faculty or staff members who have yet to receive an invitation to Dropbox are encouraged to contact and submit a request. Additionally, those interested in training around the different advantages a Dropbox for education account offers may visit the Technology Education Center’s (TEC) webpage to register for an upcoming class.

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