Personally-Owned Computers

Personal laptops and desktops are serviced by the IT HelpDesk's walk-in offices located in Green Hall 1539 or DeMoss Hall 2184. Generally, customers are encouraged to call the IT HelpDesk or check HelpDesk DIY before bringing their computers in. However, the IT HelpDesk is responsible for looking at and attempting to resolve problems with a computer that a customer does bring in.

Personally Owned Hardware

General Policies

  • Personal computers are eligible for hardware support if the computer is an Apple, Dell or Lenovo Thinkpad, and some HP models that is both under warranty and serviceable by our repair facility as determined by an IT HelpDesk technician.
  • Customer replaceable parts may also be replaced for any brand/model of computer at the discretion of an IT HelpDesk technician. Computers for which parts have been ordered will be kept at the IT HelpDesk until the parts arrive and are replaced. The customer may not keep the computer while parts are ordered. The exception to this is if an AC adapter is ordered. In that case, the customer may keep the computer until the adapter comes in.
  • If the IT HelpDesk is replacing a part that needs to be purchased by the customer, the customer is normally given a 2 day "grace period" during which they can bring in the part and the computer will not lose its place in the queue. However, at the end of 3 days, if the customer has not brought in the part, the customer's repair form is completed and the computer must be picked up until the needed part has been purchased. At that time, the customer may check the computer back in and it will go at the end of the queue.

Personally-Owned Software

General Policies

Software support is limited to the troubleshooting and installation of software that is used and/or needed for the customer to use Liberty University resources for school, work, or other purposes. We will make our best effort to ensure that laptops that are owned by other organizations are able to access Liberty's network.

  • The HelpDesk will not change configurations of computers that are not personally owned by the customer (ie corporate computers that do not belong to Liberty). 
  • The HelpDesk will not install multiple versions of trial software so users can circumvent licensing requirements. 

Custom Configurations

The HelpDesk will provide assistance for those with Linux operating systems who have difficulty connecting to the LU Network. The HelpDesk will also provide assistance with VMWare or Parallels for Mac users that need these programs for school. 

  • Dual Boot Configurations (including Bootcamp)
  • Linux Operation System Troubleshooting