Document Delivery

InterLibrary Loan – Faculty

The Jerry Falwell Library offers the opportunity for Liberty University's faculty to order any book or article (from our collection or through InterLibrary Loan) and have it delivered to their department secretary.

Once you submit a request using the InterLibrary Loan System, one of the following will happen:

  1. Books owned by Liberty University will be checked out and delivered.
  2. Articles owned by Liberty University will be copied and delivered.
  3. Books or articles not owned by Liberty University will be ordered through InterLibrary Loan and delivered.

Order Limit

  • For Liberty University-owned books, there is a limit of 50 checked out items at any one time (including delivered and picked up).
  • For articles and materials obtained through InterLibrary Loan, there is no limit.

Delivery timeline

Materials Owned by Liberty University

All materials that are requested Mon.-Fri. before 10 a.m. will be delivered that same day around 3 p.m.
Any requests submitted later than 10 a.m. or over the weekend will be delivered the next business day.

Materials Not Owned by Liberty University

Depending on the type and location of the item, it could take anywhere from three days to three weeks for items ordered through interlibrary loan to be delivered.

Fees for Service

There may be some fees when ordering items through InterLibrary Loan. Notification of fees will be sent via email and items will not be ordered until permission has been received from the faculty member to proceed. Fees may be paid for personally or through the department.