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The Jerry Falwell Library promotes learning, discovery, and research by providing robust resources, engaging instruction, flexible spaces, and outstanding services to the Liberty University community.


The Jerry Falwell Library will be the center of academic life at Liberty, cultivate an ethos of Christian service to one another, and equip all champions for Christ to be informed, articulate world-changers.

Core Values

  • Faith – We seek to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.
  • Service – We display love, respect, and humility as we support others.
  • Wisdom – We promote learning, growth, and creativity framed within biblical truth.
  • Integrity – We practice honest, responsible stewardship of God’s gifts.
  • Community – We value and encourage building relationships, both personal and professional.

Strategic Directions

  1. Responsive Solutions: Meet customers at their point of need and provide equitable access to relevant resources, services, and spaces
  2. Visible Presence: Develop and execute compelling communication strategies that market the JFL’s unique role within the community
  3. Elevated Scholarship: Advance the quality and prominence of Liberty scholarship through research instruction and access initiatives
  4. Impactful Venues: Facilitate physical and virtual learning, research, and work environments to optimize stakeholder experiences
  5. Strategic Collaborations: Develop relationships with key stakeholders to address changing needs and conditions
  6. Supportive Culture: Foster an environment of trust and mutual respect that equips and empowers employees to contribute to organizational goals in ways that are personally and professionally fulfilling
  7. Operational Efficiency: Develop and implement internal processes that yield quality, contain costs, and demonstrate compliance


  • 3,110,251 electronic and physical items
    • 2,682,928 e-books, video and audio streams, digital scores, etc.
    • 427,323 books, DVDs, CDs, scores, models, and non-traditional items (e.g., tools, cookware, games, hammocks, exercise equipment, etc.)
  • 247,099 unique journal titles
  • 407 multidisciplinary and specialized databases


Featuring Jeffersonian-style architecture, the building was recognized with Library Journal’s Landmark Libraries 2016 Honorable Mention Award for innovative design and spaces.

  • 170,000+ square feet
  • 2,471 seats
  • 200+ lockers
  • 116 computers
  • 100+ weekly service hours  (fall & spring academic terms)
  • 34 group study rooms
  • 11 print stations
  • 3 levels of quiet (Deep Quiet, Quiet, & Collaborative)


The Jerry Falwell Library maintains membership in the following organizations:

*Statistics are accurate as of June 30, 2023.