Archives and Special Collections

Archives Collection

The purpose of the archives collection is to preserve the history of Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr. ministries, and Baptist traditions in general. This is accomplished by gathering records of enduring value, organizing and preserving these research materials by employing appropriate methods and technologies, and making them available to scholars and other interested parties via either traditional or electronic access options as the material formats allow.

The Collection Guides provide details on items in the archives. Many of the items in the archives collection are now available in electronic format. These items can be accessed through our Digital Collections platform.

Access to the archives is governed by the Archives Policy.

Special Collections

The purpose of the special collections of the Jerry Falwell Library is to acquire, organize, preserve, provide access, and promote primary resource materials in their original formats on select topics in support of the research, teaching, and learning mission of the university.

Special collections include but are not limited to:

  • Christian Fiction-Works by select authors which may serve as a representative cross-section of the genre for study by future generations
  • Military Oral Histories-Oral history interviews with military and related personnel, including World War II veterans
  • Scholars Crossing-Collection of scholarship produced by students and faculty of the University, including dissertations and theses
  • Scott Hartzell Religion in the Civil War Special Collection-Collection of materials covering the topics of religion during the mid-nineteenth century in the United States, including the war as a religious conflict, the role of chaplains, the influence of religion on the lives of soldiers, the United States Christian Commission, and other related topics in various formats
  • Sunday School Collection-Materials related to the history of the Sunday school movement
  • The James and Shelley Lutzweiler Hymnal Collection-Core collection of Christian hymnals, music instruction, and general historic music scores

Some of the items in the special collections are now available in electronic format. These items can be accessed through our Digital Collections platform.

Collecting areas for the special collections are governed by the Special Collections Policy.