Archives and Special Collections

Archive Collection

The purpose of the Archives and Special Collections is to preserve the history of Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Jerry Falwell ministries and Baptist Traditions in general. This is done by gathering records of enduring value, organizing and preserving these research materials by employing appropriate and adequate methods and technologies, and making them available to scholars and other interested parties via either traditional or electronic access options as the material formats allow. The archives will collect additional materials with the following foci:

  • Organizations and individuals who had close connections with any of the above mentioned entities.
  • Leading figures who played an important or prominent role in the above mentioned entities.
  • Histories, themes and impacts of Baptist Traditions in the United States.
  • Materials relating to the history of Sunday School classes. 

Access to the archives is governed by the Archive Access Policy.

The Collection Guides provide details on items in the archives.

The archives does not house historical photographs, slides, and negatives. That collection is kept by the Marketing Photography department.

Archive Online Collections

Oral Histories

The archives is currently conducting a project to collect, preserve, and provide access to first-hand narratives related to the history of Liberty, Thomas Road Baptist Church, the Moral Majority, Dr. Jerry Falwell, and Falwell Ministries. These interviews explore historical events related to these entities, their growth, and their evolution.

Our goal is to provide interviews in a publicly accessible form as well as unabridged versions for use by historians and scholars. In following with Luke’s example (Luke 1:1-4), we work to provide a collection of eyewitness recollections of the historical record.


Liberty University Oral History
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