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Archives & Special Collections

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The Archives & Special Collections department preserves historical materials of Liberty University and related entities such as:

This department also preserves other primary source materials that support the university’s mission or that are of enduring value as outlined in the Special Collections Policy. These include, but are not limited to the following:

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Access to Materials

The Digital Collections platform provides access to digitized archival materials and to Collection Guides that detail the scope and nature of physical items. Physical items can be accessed in the Archives on the Terrace Level of the Jerry Falwell Library during the Archives’ hours of operation. Upon request, physical items can be reviewed for possible digitization to provide online access.

The Archives Policy governs access to all materials in this department.


Visit the donations page for details on materials of interest to the Archives & Special Collections as well as other ways that you can support the Jerry Falwell Library.

Other Special Collections

In addition to the materials in the Archives & Special Collections department, the Jerry Falwell Library maintains several other unique or specialized collections.

  • Curriculum Library—PreK-12 instructional resources and juvenile literature
  • Jerry Falwell Museum—Museum dedicated to the life and ministry of Liberty’s founder, Jerry Falwell Sr.
  • Scholars Crossing—Digital collection of scholarship produced by students and faculty of the University, including dissertations and theses

Contact Information

You can visit the Archives & Special Collections on the Terrace Level of the Jerry Falwell Library during the Archives’ hours of operation. You can also email or call (434) 592-6230 with any questions related to the Archives & Special Collections.