University-Owned Computers

University Owned Hardware

All computers owned by Liberty University (LU) are entitled to full hardware support.

General Policies

  • Liberty University Information Technology (LUIT) will keep all computer assets in good working order until the time that they are replaced through the lifecycle management program (generally when the computers are 4 years old).
  • Laptops for which parts have been ordered will be kept at the IT HelpDesk until the parts arrive and are replaced. The customer may not keep the computer while parts are ordered. The exception to this is if a laptop power adapter is ordered. In that case, the customer may keep the computer until the adapter comes in.

University Owned Laptops

Laptops owned by Liberty University are serviced by the HelpDesk's walk-in office located in CN1539. Customers are encouraged to call the HelpDesk and speak with a technician or check the Knowledge Base before visiting the walk-in support office (appointments are not neccessary for walk-in support).

University Owned Desktops

Desktops owned by Liberty University are serviced on-location and over the phone by HelpDesk technicians. Customers should call the HelpDesk or submit a ticket for assistance with their University-owned desktop. The IT HelpDesk will attempt to resolve problems remotely when a ticket has been submitted, and may send a technician on-site if the problem cannot be resolved remotely. 


Desktops brought to the HelpDesk office will not be supported. If a desktop is brought to the HelpDesk office, the customer will be asked to return the desktop to their office and will need to contact phone support or wait for a technician to be dispatched to their location.

University Owned Software

The IT HelpDesk offers full software support for all software owned and licensed by LU. To be considered "owned and licensed by LU", the Software/Telecommunications team must have record of the software in their database.


  • Software that is not obtained thru proper channels (including staff who purchase software out-of-pocket and are then reimbursed by their department). Software may be supported after installation media and license information is given to the Software License Compliance team to be evaluated and inventoried.

  • We will not assist customers in re-installing trial software to circumvent purchasing the software/end user license agreements. 

  • Linux operating systems are not supported. Linux is not prohibited, but the HelpDesk is not able to offer support at this time.

  • Personal copies of Windows or Mac OS will not be installed on University-owned machines.

  • Image-related issues that cannot be resolved in one hour may result in machine re-imaging.

Custom Configurations

For individuals who have custom configurations, the HelpDesk will offer limited troubleshooting and support for the custom configuration. This means that the HelpDesk will troubleshoot the software problem for a maximum of 1 hour and if they are unable to resolve the issue, they may reinstall Windows or OS X operating system for the customer.

For customers who have a business need for a custom configuration, the operating system that they need will be reinstalled.