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System Uptime

Blackboard - 99.99%
Website - 99.99%
IPTV- 99.95%
Network - 99.98%



Toll-Free: (866) 447-2869
staff Local: (434) 592-7800
staff Green Hall 1539
staff DeMoss Hall 2184 (Computer Lab)


Information Technology

Liberty University Information Technology provides technology services & support to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the general public. 

News & Updates

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IT You Matter

Russell Darnell
Systems Administrator II

Russell is an excellent asset to Liberty University IT Operations. As a Microsoft infrastructure team member, Russell champions the improvement of our Microsoft systems as well as increased availability of new features to end users. Russell is an avid learner and an excellent team member who takes the time to build relationships with his co-workers through activities such as working out at the LaHaye Student Union. Russell makes problem solving a priority and focuses on value. We are grateful for his expertise on our team.




Mark Miller
Business Data Analyst II

Mark has been an invaluable member of the team for several years. With his keen eye toward finding problems and thoughtfulness in providing solutions, Mark excels in every task with which he is involved. He does everything with a spirit of humility and an attitude of service. He has the ability to make those around him better by encouraging his them, providing guidance to his team, and always keeping the big picture in mind when involved in decision making.



IT You matter