Office of Clubs Administration


The Office of Clubs Administration is made up of the Director of Clubs, the Deputy Director of Clubs, and three Club Coordinators. The Club Coordinators act as direct representatives of the Clubs Department to the clubs and student organizations of Liberty University. They serve to increase the effectiveness of the Department’s communication between clubs and Administration. Each Coordinator is assigned a specific number of University clubs to represent to the Director of Clubs. Coordinators assist their clubs in coordinating events, reserving event space on campus, and utilizing University resources to their fullest potential. Additionally, Club Coordinators communicate with Account Managers, the representatives of the Treasury Department, to ensure that all clubs are serviced to the fullest extent of every club’s needs. Stemming from SGA’s over-arching purpose of representing students and serving clubs, the mission of this specific department is to ensure that the administrative needs of all University clubs are met promptly and efficiently. 

Meet the Team

Team Leaders

Jenna Parisen - Director of Clubs

Hi, my name is Jenna Parisen and I am extremely excited to serve as the Director of Clubs. I will be a junior Digital Marketing and Advertising student this year and am extremely passionate about my studies. My goal is to strengthen the SGA-Clubs relationship and give clubs all the tools necessary to grow and reach their fullest potential. Dont be afraid to reach out and say hello!

Trae Dunn - Treasurer

Hi! My name is Trae Dunn and I am a Junior studying Finance and Economics. I’m so excited that I get to serve via this position for the 2017-2018 school year and look forward to working efficiently and effectively alongside others to make clubs at Liberty the best they possibly can be!

Nate Hodder - Deputy Director of Clubs

Hey, I'm Nate Hodder! I am a Junior from Pittsburg studying international business. In my spare time I play soccer, volleyball, and work in youth ministry during the summers. I look forward to serving you through SGA this year! 

Lauren VannVice Treasurer

Ellie Tambornino - Clubs Coordinator

Hi, I'm Ellie Tambornino and I am a Strategic Communications major. This is my second year at Liberty and my second semester being apart of SGA. It's my pleasure to serve on SGA this year to work as a club coordinator to help the clubs of Liberty University thrive! 

Stephanie JorgeAccount Manager A-G

Hi, I’m Stephanie Jorge and I am a senior Finance major. I have loved my time here at Liberty University. I am excited about serving in the SGA this year, and I am always available to answer any of your questions. I look forward to serving you!

Andreea Nazare - Clubs Coordinator

My name is Andreea Nazare, and I am pursuing a bachelor degree in Developmental Psychology with the vision to take future anti-human trafficking initiatives from an educated standpoint. I am delighted to join the Club Presidents and Faculty Advisors in promoting growth through their clubs in areas of study and interest at Liberty University.

Michaela Matthews - Account Manager H-N

My name is Michaela Matthews,  I am an Account Manager on the treasury team.  I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in accounting and criminal justice. I am so excited to work this year with SGA to serve students and clubs!

Isaac Grant - Account Manager O-Z 

Hi my name is Isaac Grant, and I was chosen to be one of the Account Managers this year to serve the clubs of Liberty University! I am majoring in Financial Planning with a minor in Accounting. It is a great privilege to work in SGA this year and help provide the means for Liberty's clubs to be successful!

More Information

For a comprehensive list of all Liberty’s clubs and additional club forms, please visit the Clubs and Student Organizations page.