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Project Process

Request a Project

First, please submit a Project Request.  In order to ensure effective processing, please provide as much detail as possible and indicate your requested completion date in the “drop/delivery date” field.

Approval Process

Because we want to ensure the piece we deliver to you is free from errors and conveys a clear message that aligns with your intention, we have a multi-level proofing process.

The first version of the project will be created, edited internally, and sent to you for approval through Proof HQ, our online proofing software. Your project coordinator will upload the proof to all applicable parties, and we ask that you note your corrections/approval on the proof within 24 hours of receiving it. The Marketing Team will then make any changes, and the project will be reviewed by Quality Control and sent for printing or production.

For Proof HQ assistance, check out this helpful document or reach out to your project coordinator.

Expected Timeline

To best serve all of our clients, we ask for the following standard timelines. Please note that these timelines can be impacted by priority events or by seasons during which a significant uptick in requests occur. Submitting your project as early as possible, including all applicable information, allows us to avoid delays should questions or significant changes arise, so planning ahead helps us all.

Standard* Timelines:

  • Voice and Text Blasts: 2-3 weeks
  • Text-only Emails: 2-3 weeks
  • Digital Ads: 2-3 weeks
  • Creative Emails: 3-4 weeks
  • Print Pieces Under 10 pages: 4-6 weeks
  • Print Pieces Over 10 pages: 6-8+ weeks

If you have an urgent request and would like to expedite your project, please reach out to your project coordinator directly.

*Please note that pending the scope of the project and changes requested during the proofing process, the timeline may be extended.

Marketing Approvals

You may design your own artwork for internal departmental projects, such as posters and flyers for on-campus use. Please refer to the Brand Identity Guide and Style Guide Quick Tips reference sheets when creating pieces for your department.

For video creation, Liberty University allows departments to create their own videos for external use. However, if the video exceeds 30 seconds, it must be sent to video@liberty.edu for review. During the review process, the university checks for grammar and spelling errors, ensures that logos and branding are properly represented, and verifies the editing quality of the video. By adhering to these guidelines, the university can maintain a consistent and professional image across its external-facing materials.

All other project types that will be viewed by an external audience, such as billboards, postcards, etc., must be submitted as a Marketing Approval piece by creating a Project Request and attaching your artwork. You must also include a brief description of the piece:

  • What type of project is it?
  • How long will it be used?
  • Where will it be used?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How many will be printed?

The submitted artwork will be received by your project coordinator within 72 hours and then run through an internal proofing process which typically takes 24-48 hours. Required edits or comments will be shared with you to implement. If significant changes are needed, further proofing may be required, potentially adding 24-48 hours to your project’s timeline. When the piece is approved, you will be notified.

All printing and publishing of Marketing Approvals must be done by your department.

Templates available for your use:

  • Slides (Slides do not need to be submitted for marketing approval.)
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