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The Jerry Falwell Library is the focal point of academic life at Liberty University. Strategically located in the center of campus, the library supports teaching, learning, and research by providing information, resources, spaces, and related services for the Liberty University community.


In our endeavor to support the Liberty University community with teaching, research, and learning, we hold these core values basic to our commitment to provide outstanding customer service: synergy, culture of learning, diversity, efficiency, flexibility, hospitality, effectiveness, and fun.


The Jerry Falwell Library aspires to be the heart of intellectual exploration of Liberty University. As the preeminent provider of physical and virtual resources selected for the enhancement of learning, the library is committed to the discovery, creation, and sharing of information in a dynamic and creative environment that responds to the varying ways its customers seek knowledge. The Library is poised to occupy the unique role of assisting in the development of the academic, cultural and social environment of the Liberty University community. Through our service, the Library seeks to support the goal of Liberty University to enrich the greater community of Central Virginia and the world with our innovation and commitment to lifelong learning.