Photo of front of library

With four stories spread across more than 170,000 square feet, the Jerry Falwell Library opened in 2014 with the latest technological advances, including a two-story robotic book retrieval system and a fully equipped technology commons. Featuring Jeffersonian-style architecture, the building offers views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a small lake, the academic lawn, and a garden area. Casual seating areas, reading rooms, a spacious café, and multiple balconies add to the relaxed, scholarly atmosphere.

Levels of Quiet

Photo of hanging stairs

To help everyone find the spot that is just right for them, the library maintains three different levels of quiet:

  1. Deep Quiet–No talking or eating and devices on silent
  2. Quiet–Whispered conversations and devices on vibrate
  3. Collaborative–Normal, quiet conversations

Group Study Rooms

The library provides over 30 group study rooms of varying sizes. These rooms, which can be reserved by students, faculty, and staff, have writable surfaces and a display.


The library provides over 200 lockers of various sizes with USB and outlet charging capabilities. These lockers have a self-programming lock and can be used by students, faculty, and staff in accordance with the library’s locker policy.

Special Areas

  • Active Learning ClassroomEquipped with virtual meeting technologies and located on the first floor, this classroom allows for interactive and virtual learning.
  • Archives and Special CollectionsThe Archives and Special Collections Department is located on the terrace level and includes a reading room, and other equipment for accessing documents relating to the founding and history of Liberty University and related ministries as well as other archival materials and special collections.
  • Curriculum LibraryThe Curriculum Library is located on the terrace level and supports the School of Education by providing access to a variety of instructional resources, including PreK-12 teacher edition textbooks and teaching materials. Educational games, manipulatives, and models enhance the collection. An extensive selection of juvenile titles provides reinforcement for classes in Children’s Literature, Young Adult Literature, and curriculum development.
  • Dodak Technology CommonsLocated on the first floor, this space houses approximately half of the library’s computers, including Windows and Macs. It also includes a print/scan/copy station, a shredder, and other small office equipment.
  • Jerry Falwell Museum—The Jerry Falwell Museum is currently closed while it is relocating. The museum collects memorabilia about Liberty’s founder, Jerry Falwell Sr. The collection also includes his books, letters, and other writings.
  • Lactation PodLocated on the terrace level, the lactation pod provides a private space for nursing mothers. A key to the pod can be checked out in the Curriculum Library.
  • Osborne Assistive Learning Technology CenterLocated in JFL 262, this center houses a special collection of equipment and software specifically designed to help those with audio or visual impairments.
  • Terrace Conference Room This multipurpose space on the terrace level has a maximum seating capacity of 100. It is available for special events and meetings, and it can be split into two smaller spaces, each equipped with its own speaker and projection system.
  • Tinney CaféThe spacious, two-level café includes four dining options.


Join us for a tour of the Jerry Falwell Library! We offer tours during special events such as College for a Weekend. Additionally, you can request tours at other times with advance notice of two business days. If you are unable to take a tour of the library, you may enjoy viewing a prerecorded five-minute tour on the Media Wall in the atrium which is accessible via the kiosk panel to the right of the wall. For directions to campus, shuttle information, and more, explore the visitor’s guide on this page.