Computer Lifecycle Management

The FY21 Lifecycle Management Program (LCM) is underway. Desktop PCs around four years of age will be upgraded with new solid state drives (SSD) installed in place of the current standard rotational hard drives (HDD). Laptop PCs around four years of age will be replaced with new, like model laptops. Apple computers are phased into a five year lifecycle management program beginning this year. Requests for upgrade to a different model than currently deployed will require prepayment of the difference in price between the standard device and the requested device. These prepayments can be completed using the information in the Request a Different LCM Device section below and must be submitted by 11/24/2020.

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Apple Computers are replaced on a 5-year cycle. Any Apple computer that missed the FY20 LCM or currently shows eligible this year (FY21) will not be replaced until FY22. We appreciate your patience as we work to update the LCM eligibility tool to reflect this information.

What is Lifecycle Management (LCM)?

The Lifecycle Management program facilitates a centralized, annual replacement of aging desktop and laptop computers in use by University faculty and staff. Instead of individual departments spending numerous hours attempting to determine what needs to be replaced each year and often over or under-purchasing, the University utilizes a regular refresh cycle that ensures that all faculty and staff receive new equipment over regular intervals of time. Departments are not expected to budget for and replace their laptops and desktops when replacing with a comparable computer. Instead, this task is handled by Information Technology at no cost to departments. This program does not cover replacement of accessories (monitors, docking solutions, video adapters, etc.) and departments should budget accordingly to cover these costs. Devices that are not replaced within two eligible LCM cycles (devices more than 6 years old) will no longer be considered eligible for the program. Devices kept in storage for any extended period of time will also not be considered eligible, unless the new device will be assigned to an employee without any assigned equipment.



Learn More About Laptop LCM 
Learn More About Desktop LCM

Laptop Lifecycle Management FY21

During the next laptop replacement cycle the following models will most likely be eligible for replacement:


  • Dell Latitude E5470 & E5570
  • Dell Precision 3510


We are using an automated inventory system to identify and notify employees who are currently using University laptops that meet our criteria for replacement.


If your laptop is eligible for replacement, you will receive an email prior to the start of the Lifecycle Management Program containing further instructions and details.


Users with models listed above are likely eligible to have their laptops replaced during this year's LCM. Computers will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Devices that are not replaced within two eligible LCM cycles (devices more than 6 years old) will no longer be considered eligible for the program.


New LCM Windows computers will be formatted with Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. To learn more about Windows 10, please visit



More Information

Contact IT Surplus:

Liberty University Information Technology will offer a limited number of computers for buyback to University staff, faculty, and the general public.


Phone: (434) 592-7006



Hours: Wed-Fri: 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.


Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment to pick up your new laptop. 


Contact the IT HelpDesk:

Phone: (434) 592-7800

Email: For questions specific to the LCM process, please email


Desktop Lifecycle Management FY21

During the next desktop replacement cycle the following models will most likely be eligible to have upgraded hardware installed:


  • Dell OptiPlex 5040 & 7020
  • HP ProDesk 600 G1


We are using an automated inventory system to identify and notify employees who are currently using University desktops that meet our criteria for upgrade.


The desktop LCM program scheduled for the summer of 2021 will see some exciting changes that will bring a 35% increase in performance to desktop users. Testing has shown that FY20 LCM eligible desktops that have been upgraded with a solid state drive (SSD) will outperform even our newest standard desktops that have rotational hard drives by approximately 35%. Customers will notice a major performance increase without the entire computer needing to be replaced. Upgrading to SSD’s from rotational hard drives also removes the most common point of failure in desktop computers which will also reduce downtime.


iPad and non-standard consumer grade Laptop and Tablet   

iPads and non-standard consumer grade laptops and tablets are no longer replaced as a part of the LifeCycle Management (LCM) program.  Departments will be responsible for the purchase and replacement of these devices and must adhere to the policies outlined below.  A four-year lifecycle is still recommended for these device types to ensure the University gets the best value out of the device without sacrificing cost, performance, or security.  


Security of the device is Information Technology's primary requirement and concern.  When a device is unable to run a secure/supported Operating System (OS) it is vulnerable to security breaches and University information can be at risk.  If a device can no longer run a secure/supported OS, the device must be surrendered to IT and replaced at the owning department's expense.  IT will notify departments and users of unsecure/unsupported devices as soon as possible, so that the device can be surrendered to IT. 


The following policy applies to departments who wish to replace their iPads, or non-standard consumer grade laptop and tablet:

  • If the device is not capable of running a secure and supported OS it must be surrendered to IT at one of the IT Helpdesk locations.  IT will notify the department and/or user of the device, explaining that it does not support a secure OS and we require the device to be surrendered.  The unit will be retired and a new device can be purchased by the department.
  • If the unit is 4 years old or older, the unit can be retired by surrendering it at one of the IT Helpdesk locations.  It will be available for resale through IT Surplus or recycled per normal process. There will be no credit or funding issued to the owning department in return for the surrendered unit. 
  • If the device is less than 4 years old, the department can either re-assign the replaced unit within their department, or allow HelpDesk to buy it back so it can be resold and redeployed within a different department. Buy back of the device will be at the discretion of HelpDesk and is not guaranteed for these units. 



Requesting a different LCM device configuration?

The LCM Upgrade Request Form is available through BuyLU for customers to submit a request to upgrade from the standard replacement configuration to a different configuration or higher specifications. Before submitting the LCM Upgrade Request Form please verify your machine is eligible for LCM by using the LCM eligibility tool found at the top of this page. The request requires a requisition to be submitted and is subject to approval by IT Customer Support. If approved, the machine(s) requested will not be delivered until LCM deployments begin. Requisitions must be submitted by November 24th to be considered for the upcoming LCM program.

To access the form follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Select Forms under the Shortcuts menu, or use the search feature by typing LCM Upgrade Request Form.
  • Select the LCM Upgrade Request Form to begin the submission process.

Information on how to submit the LCM Upgrade Request Form can be found by navigating to the BuyLU LCM Upgrade Request Form KB article. If you are still having trouble submitting the LCM Upgrade Request Form, have further questions, or are requesting upgrade of multiple devices during the LCM program please email For questions pertaining to department funds and/or purchase approvals within your department, Procurement or Finance will need to be contacted.



10 Day Buyback Program! 

As part of the Lifecycle Management program, Liberty University will be offering a buyback option to all faculty and staff who turn in their old Liberty computers for new replacements. Once an employee returns his/her old computer, Information Technology will immediately format and erase the hard drive on the computer, and will then hold the computer for 10 days for the employee in case they want to purchase the computer from the University for personal use only. After the 10 days have expired, the employee may still purchase their old computer or any other LCM surplus equipment but it will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


It is important to note that when repurchasing the computer, all University licensed software will be removed from the hard disk and a fresh installation of the original Windows® operating system will be installed. 


There will be no other special software on the computer and it will no longer be supported by Information Technology.


Instead, the employee should only contact Information Technology for assistance and repair for the new, Liberty-owned computer. These computers will not be eligible to be repurchased or redeployed by University departments.


For buyback-specific questions or to make a purchase, please contact IT Surplus at (434) 592-7006.