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Important Information

Creation of your email account may take up to six hours. When you log into your email for the first time, you will be asked to provide a phone number or non-Liberty email address. If you reset your password in the future, a verification code will be sent to the phone or email address you provide.


For more information and instructions about this process, known as  Automated Password Reset, visit our HelpDesk DIY article. If you need assistance, contact the Liberty University IT HelpDesk at (866) 447-2869 during normal business hours.

What will I need to claim an Account?

Please note that when claiming or maintaining your account, you will be asked for personal information (such as your student ID number) to identify yourself. All information MUST match the information on our records system. If you are unsure if your current information matches what we have on record, please contact one of the following, based on your current status:


New Students:

To claim your account, you will need your Student ID number. If you have not received this yet, then please call (800) 543-5317 for Resident Admissions or (800) 424-9595 for Online Admissions for further assistance.

Resident Students:

You must present a photo ID and your student ID number at the Registrar's office to request a change of information.

Liberty University Online Students:

Online students, please call (800) 424-9595 for assistance.


Please present a photo ID at the Human Resources office to verify/change personal information such as current address or date of birth.



Why Login?

Your Liberty network account is different from the account you created when you applied to Liberty (your admissions gateway account). Once created, you can use your Liberty username and password to access many different resources.


These include:



Web Apps For Faculty/Staff

Pharos Print Detail

Access personal info, grades, register for classes, etc. Check your Liberty email using the Outlook desktop application or webmail. Access resources such as the management system, webmanager, etc. Check your Pharos print history and charges.


Set Your Back-Up Information for Your Account.

Have you ever been locked out of an account and needed to reset your password? This can be a pain. When you claim your account, you will be prompted to set up an alternate email and/or phone address. Please provide one or both forms of authentication so that you can easily reset your password if you're ever locked out.