Computers Within the Jerry Falwell Library

Computers are available to students, staff, and visitors on every floor of the Jerry Falwell Library. They are available in quiet and collaborative spaces to allow students to learn and study in an ideal academic environment. For more information on available spaces, resources, or technologies, please visit the Jerry Falwell Library Overview Page.

Dodak Technology Commons – Jerry Falwell Library

The Dodak Technology Commons is located on the first level of the library, to the right of the main entrance. This space hosts the majority of the Library’s computers, including both Windows and Macintosh machines as well as printers with scanning and copying capabilities. This space aims to maintain an academic environment with easy access to all of the Library’s resources.

The Technology Commons provides customers with technology tools and services necessary to feel successful in their field of study. The Technology Commons IT staff are also able to assist with basic and intermediate computing. They are also equipped to assist with network and printer connectivity solutions and software- related inquiries regarding Microsoft Office, the Adobe Creative Suite, and various web applications.

Hours of Operation

See Main Library Hours.