Research Week: Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Once I turn in my final product, can I go back and make small edits such as changing the font size or making things bigger?

If I am presenting at Research Week, do I need to be there the whole week?

My scheduled presentation time conflicts with a class. Can I have my time rescheduled?

Am I required to have research notes?

I have a class assignment to attend certain types of presentations. How can I find out which presentations will best fit my class requirements?

How long do I have to present?

In-Person Participation Questions

Do I have to print out my own poster?

I would like my professor/friends/family to attend my presentation. Is that allowed?

Remote Participation Questions

What is the time zone for presentations?

How many slides can I have for my remote poster presentation?

How long am I expected to remain in the meeting for my online presentation?

I would like my professor/friends/family to watch my online presentation. Is that allowed?