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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Sharpen the critical skills you need in Alternative Dispute while under conditions that simulate the demands you’ll face in practice. Gain lifelong, valuable legal skills in negotiations, mediation, and client counseling.

Participation Requirements

  • A strong desire to learn how to become proficient in negotiations, mediation, or client counseling
  • GPA of at least 2.5

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Client Counseling

Increase your understanding of preventive law and counseling while you develop interviewing, planning, and analytical skills. If you meet the qualifications to compete in Client Counseling competitions, you’ll act as an attorney in a simulated law office consultation. You can experience a vital part of the counseling process while interviewing the client:

  • Discover the facts
  • Advise the client about relevant law
  • Give options for proceeding
  • Help the client to make an informed choice

The ABA Regional Competition is held each year in February and each team consists of two students. Winners of the Regional Competition advance to the National Client Counseling Competition in March. Regional and National competitions are held at different law schools each year.

Participation Requirements

  • You must be in your third year of law school, with at least a 2.5 GPA
  • You must be an ABA Law Student Division member in good standing

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Attorneys who serve their clients with excellence are equipped and experienced to understand and utilize the mediation process. At Liberty Law, we recognize the importance of mediation and strive to prepare our students on how to best represent clients during this process.

Get prepared for real-world mediation as you learn effective problem-solving techniques in competitions where you will represent clients in a mock mediation. The Liberty School of Law is actively involved with the annual National Representation in Mediation competition sponsored by the American Bar Association.

Participation Requirements

  • You must have a minimum GPA of at least 2.5.

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Moot Court Board

Recognized as one of the premiere co-curricular activities available to all law students, Moot Court Board will help you build the confidence and the knowledge you need to master the law in any situation. Develop the analyzing, writing and oral advocacy skills that are crucial to your legal career. Moot Court is widely recognized by judges and legal employers as a law school activity that will prepare you for the practice of law.

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Trial Team

Compete in mock jury trials in competitions around the country and receive extensive and intensive training in all aspects of trial advocacy. Participating on the Trial Team will give you the opportunity to not only sharpen your trial skills but also your communication, organization, and analytical skills.

Learn how to conduct effective and persuasive:

  • Opening statements
  • Direct and cross-examinations
  • Closing arguments

You will additionally become proficient in the use of the rules of evidence by arguing both sides of an objection and you will learn how to craft an effective trial strategy.

Participation Requirements

  • Tryouts for the Trial Team are held at the beginning of the fall semester
  • To tryout, you must be beginning your 2L or 3L year and have a GPA of at least 2.5

Fall Competitions

Each fall semester, the Team competes in the ABA Arbitration Competition and at least one invitational competition, which may include the Carolinas Invitational Mock Trial Tournament sponsored by Charlotte Law in Charlotte, N.C., the National Civil Trial Competition sponsored by Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, Calif., or other competitions as opportunities arise.

Spring Competitions

Every spring the Team competes in the National Trial Competition sponsored by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and the American College of Trial Lawyers and the American Association for Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition. Both competitions hold regional competitions and national finals.

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Writing Competitions

Compete individually for national writing competitions:

Subject-Specific Competitions

Consumer Financial Services Law

Labor and Employment Law

Taxation- Federal Income