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Disability Accommodations

We are committed to offering all students with disabilities the same opportunities others have to succeed in the legal profession.

Contact Us: (434) 592-5300

We will work closely with you to both provide and coordinate support services that will give you the best possible learning environment.

Type of Disability

Our services are available to students with a wide variety of disabilities including those that are long-term as well as temporary disabilities due to illness or injury.

Your Accommodation Plan

We will work closely with Liberty University’s Office of Disability Accommodation Support (ODAS) to implement and coordinate reasonable accommodations for both your testing and classroom needs. Whether you are a prospective or current student, you are encouraged to learn more about our services by contacting us as early as possible so we can create the most effective plan for you.

If you have a documented disability, contact the Director of Academic Support in the School of Law who will work with the Office of Disability Accommodation Support (ODAS) in Green Hall 2668 for arrangements for academic accommodations.

Testing Accommodation

For disability testing accommodation requests (i.e., quieter environment, extended time, oral testing, etc.), Liberty University School of Law typically offers law students the opportunity for disability testing accommodation at various locations on-site within the School of Law. However, in the event that option is not available or optimal in light of student needs, the university’s Testing Center will be used. Your testing location will be assigned by the Registrar after consultation with the Director of Academic Support at the School of Law, who is our Disability Coordinator.

Additional Information

Please see § 8 Administrative Policies of the Liberty University School of Law Student Handbook.