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Because courts increasingly rely on, and even require, some form of ADR to prevent or settle litigation, it’s important that students take the opportunity to sharpen these critical skills while in law school. The ADR Board at Liberty University School of Law is committed to excellence in the areas of negotiation, mediation, and client counseling, and successfully competes in state, national, and international competitions.

Join this student-run cocurricular organization where you’ll get valuable legal skills, and also build your resume.

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Professor Joel Hesch
(434) 592-5300


  • Train students in the use, promotion, and practice of negotiation, mediation, and client counseling
  • Develop, facilitate, and administer intramural and interscholastic negotiation, mediation, and client counseling competitions
  • Select students, with the assistance of the faculty, to represent Liberty University School of Law in interscholastic negotiation, mediation, and client counseling competitions
  • Assist faculty in research and development of material for use in classroom instruction, extracurricular training, and activities in the area of alternative dispute resolution
  • Assist the faculty in the training of law students in the skills of alternative dispute resolution


Each year, the ADR Board attends competitions in negotiations, mediation and client counseling. The ADR Board also hosts a national negotiation tournament.

The ADR Board is quickly developing a national reputation for winning competitions like the following:

  • Negotiations ABA Regional
  • National Basketball
  • National Environmental Law
  • National Entertainment Law

The negotiation team has placed in the top five every year it has competed in the ABA tournament, and has advanced to nationals in five of the last eight years. We also placed in the finals in the ABA Regional Mediation tournament and advanced to nationals.

  • 2016
    • William and Mary Law School Negotiation Invitational –  Second Place
    • International Negotiation Competition, Lucerne, Switzerland – Fifth Place
    • National Basketball Negotiation Competition – Champions and Quarterfinalists
    • ABA National Negotiations Tournament Runner-up
  • 2015
    • ABA Regional Negotiations Competition – Second Place and Fourth Place
    • ABA 16th Annual Representation in Mediation Regional Competition Champions

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Competitions

  • ABA Regional Negotiation Competition
  • ABA National Negotiation Competition
  • ABA Regional Client Counseling Competition
  • ABA Regional Mediation Competition
  • Robert R. Merhige Jr. National Environmental Negotiation Competition
  • Southwestern Law School Entertainment Law Competition
  • NBLSA International Negotiation Competition
  • Liberty University School of Law National Negotiation Tournament
  • Liberty University School of Law Internal Negotiation Tournament

Participation Requirements

  • A strong desire to learn how to become proficient in negotiations, mediation, or client counseling
  • GPA of at least 2.5

Faculty Leadership

Faculty Advisor and Negotiation Coach, Professor Joel Hesch, (434) 592-5300