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While at Liberty Law, you have a wide variety of opportunities that can help you gain experience in the field of law while still a student. On top of getting practical training through our recognized practical skills program, you can get additional hands-on experience through our externships, publications, competitions and more.

Get prepared for your future law career and hit the ground running when you graduate from Liberty Law. Through our Experiential Learning options, you’ll develop skills in the following:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Legal thinking


Enhance your educational experience by applying your academic training to real-time, real-world legal experiences. Through your externship, you’ll be better prepared to face the rigors of first-time job placement and post-graduation responsibilities.


Develop your research and writing skills through our law school publications. Build your resume and portfolio by writing, editing, and leading on the Law Review. Our student-led publications can give you the firsthand experience you are looking for.


Participate in our competitions teams and gain the practical skills you need in specialized areas like oral advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and more. Prepare yourself for your career and develop the kind of resume that will attract future employers.

Other Experiential Learning Opportunities