IT Marketplace – Acquiring Software

Site-Licensed Software

Liberty University has site licenses that allow departments and faculty/staff to install a wide variety of software onto a Liberty-owned machine without charge to the department. Many of the software that can be downloaded are able to be downloaded through Software Center on your desktop. Some of the available site licensed software:

  • Microsoft Office 
  • SPSS
  • Skype for Business

Individual-Licensed Software

If your department would like to purchase software that is not already site-licensed, such as Final Cut Pro, Parallels, Camtasia, etc., please submit a HelpDesk ticket under “Software Quote Request.” (For more information, please email

Software Purchasing Policy

  • Departments are not to purchase software using a P-Card (these transactions will be denied and can result in the revocation of the P-Card). 
  • Departments should submit a Software Quote Request following the procedure above
  • Software License Compliance will evaluate all software purchases, specifically looking at the following items:
    • Cost
    • EULA (End-User License Agreement)
    • Compatibility
    • Management capabilities
  • Upon approval to purchase the software, a requisition must be submitted
  • Software License Compliance will work with HelpDesk to install the software on the machine.
  • Information Technology will retain the original media and license keys so they can be inventoried and securely stored.
  • If a department needs the software reinstalled, they should contact the HelpDesk.