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Apply your Juris Doctorate studies to the many facets of your student life. Through student organizations at Liberty University School of Law, you can find a group that matches your interests and helps you get involved. On top of enhancing your student experience, participation in student organizations can also help to improve your chances at passing the bar exam and can positively impact your future career.

Each of the following groups is faculty approved and recognized by the Student Bar Association based on its bylaws.

Extra-curricular Organizations

The Federalist Society

Learn how to think critically about the philosophical and ideological underpinnings of our constitutional system. Study how federalism works under the United States Constitution and the role of the separate branches of government—legislative, executive, judiciary—within the United States Constitution.

The Federalist Society at Liberty University is part of the national Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies. Here we foster critical thought and civil debate about the law while embracing the principle that civil government is ordained by Almighty God to punish civil wrongdoing and uphold the rights of citizens.

We are dedicated to big ideas, believing that society progresses in a healthy, productive, just direction through educated and civil dialogue. We do this by sponsoring thought-provoking events featuring world-class thinkers who ignite a rigorous discussion of ideas.

Participation Requirements

Consider joining the Federalist Society at Liberty University if you:

  • Seek to further your legal education
  • Enjoy close comradery with your peers
  • Think about big ideas in the law
  • Desire to establish a network that can lead to employment opportunities

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The International Law Society

In an increasing global economy, international legal relations is becoming more prevalent and more important. In the 21st century, international law is one of the most exciting areas of legal knowledge and practice.

The International Law Society (ILS) gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge about international law from a Christian integrative perspective. Here you’ll not only consider international positive norms, but also the biblical foundations of international normative relations.

Gain opportunities for exposure to international legal conferences, lectures and externship programs and to network with international law scholars and practitioners. Here, you’ll be also able to build long lasting professional relationships with like-minded students.

Participation Requirements

  • Enrolled in the Liberty University School of Law
  • Paid ILS dues as determined by the Executive Board at the beginning of each academic year.

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Liberty Counsel Student Organization (LCSO)

Join us as we seek to impact the culture by working with Liberty Counsel to advance religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family. Through LCSO, you will be able to interact with Liberty Counsel attorneys and learn more about Liberty Counsel. LCSO also gives you the opportunity through internships and externships, to work directly with Liberty Counsel attorneys on pending litigation. The LCSO is the liaison between Liberty Counsel and the student body at the Liberty University School of Law.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with Liberty Counsel and engage the culture for Christ. Summer and semester internships can give you valuable experience in constitutional litigation and active participation in LCSO will enable you to be involved with actual cases that impact the law.

Participation Requirements

  • A passion for the work of Liberty Counsel and a desire to advance religious freedom, traditional marriage, and the sanctity of human life.

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Student Bar Association (SBA)

The Student Bar Association is the governing body for our law students. Currently, it is comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, chaplain, and senators representing each law school class. It attracts law students who wish to serve as leaders for the entire student body.

The SBA reflects the diverse interests of the student body and encourages interaction among students holding various viewpoints, especially by establishing and overseeing the formation and continuation of student organizations. It also helps plan various events for the law students and provides feedback and input regarding the law school, its programs and curriculum.

Participation Requirements

  • Completed first semester of law school
  • Minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA

Get Involved

  •  Call (434) 592-5300 for more information.

Law Students for Life

Apply your belief in the sanctity of human life in a practical and life-saving manner by joining us at Law Students for Life. Here you will learn how to engage the public through through advocacy, community prayer, and how to help people choose life over abortion, euthanasia, or unethical research.

Law Students for Life members participate in sidewalk counseling, the March for Life, volunteer at local pregnancy resource centers, and help raise money to support pro-life organizations in the area.

Be part of the community of pro-life students who are using their law school experience to help save lives.

Participation Requirements

  • Open to all students, faculty, and staff of Liberty Law.

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Other Organizations

  • The Business and Transactions Law Society
  • The Criminal Law Society
  • Health Law Society

Cocurricular Organizations