Professor of Law, Founder and Director of the Honors Program

(434) 592-5300


  • LL.M., University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law (Arthur Mag Fellow of Law)
  • J.D., Creighton University School of Law, summa cum laude
  • B.A., Culver-Stockton College, magna cum laude

Areas of Interest/Teaching

Property I; Property II; Federal Jurisdiction; Disability Law; Honors Program


  • Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at University of Nebraska College of Law, Stetson University College of Law, and Creighton University School of Law; Adjunct Professor of Law at Creighton University School of Law, Troy State University, and Bellevue University
  • Judicial Law Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, for Judge William Jay Riley, Omaha, Nebraska, and Judge Pasco M. Bowman II, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Judge Advocate, U.S. Air Force: Arnold Engineering Development Center, Arnold Air Force Base, Tullahoma, Tennessee (Deputy Staff Judge Advocate); 42nd Air Base Wing, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama (Chief, Information Law; Chief, Civil Law)
  • Litigation Associate, Klass Law Firm, Sioux City, Iowa


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  • Greed and the Seven Deadly Sins: Treacherous for the Soul and Legal Ethics, 33 REGENT U. L. Rev. 113 (2020–2021).
  • Rethinking Lawyer Ethics to Allow the Rules of Evidence, Rules of Civil Procedure, and Private Agreements to Control Ethical Obligations involving Inadvertent Disclosures, 63 ST. LOUIS U. L.J. 235 (2019).
  • Henry J. Friendly: Designed to Be a Great Federal Judge, 65 DRAKE L. REV. 101 (2017).
  • An Inconvenient Trial: Using the Nuremberg Framework to Force Human-caused Climate Change Proponents to Plead and Prove Their Best Case with Proposed Remedies under the Burden of Proof of Their Choosing, 10 LIBERTY U. L. REV. 399 (2016);
  • Judge Not under an Unjust Standard: Why an Investment Adviser’s Fiduciary Duty as to Fees under Section 36(b) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 Is Illusory and Unjust until an Adjudicated Case Illustrates a Breach of the Fiduciary Duty, 9 LIBERTY U. L. REV. 469 (2015).
  • The Greatest Gift, LIBERTY LEGAL J. 24–27 (Spring 2014).
  • But I Am Not Twenty-one Yet: How Section 3B1.4 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines Ignored Congress’s Intent to Enhance Sentences Only for Adults at Least Twenty-one Years of Age Who Corrupt Minors by Using Them to Commit Federal Offenses—and What Federal District Courts Can Do About It, 53 S. TEX. L. REV. 205 (2011).
  • To Catch a Criminal, To Cleanse a Profession: Exposing Deceptive Practices by Attorneys to the Sunlight of Public Debate and Creating an Express Investigation Deception Exception, 89 NEB. L. REV. 219 (2010).
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  • So What if I’m Gonna Hurt Myself: The ADA’s Direct Threat Defense, THE NEB. LAWYER, 7–16 (Sept. 2003).
  • To Designate or Not to Designate Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, THE NEB. LAWYER, 7–12 (Nov. 2000).
  • Supervisors Individually Liable Under the Iowa Civil Rights Act, THE IOWA LAWYER, 22–25 (June 2000).


Professor Lucas was the first person in his family to attend college, and he is eternally grateful for the scholarships he received that made this dream a reality. He joined the faculty of Liberty University School of Law in 2011 after practicing in the public and private sectors, serving in all three branches of the federal government, and teaching at three law schools.

Professor Lucas has taught a number of courses, including Disability Law, Property, Federal Jurisdiction, Torts, Professional Responsibility, Lawyering Skills, Legal Writing, Employment Law, Labor Law, Trusts and Estates, and courses exploring the foundations of the American experience. He also has presented numerous lectures to various groups on far-ranging issues such as disability law, legal ethics, the Supreme Court nomination process, Supreme Court decisions, federal legislation, the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, identity theft, labor law, sports law, and employment law.

Professor Lucas has published articles in the Lewis and Clark Law Review, St. Louis University Law Journal, Nebraska Law Review, Drake Law Review, Creighton Law Review, Regent University Law Review, Liberty University Law Review, South Texas Law Review, the Nebraska Lawyer, and the Iowa Lawyer. He proudly serves on the Board of Trustees of Culver-Stockton College. He is married to Megan A. Lucas, who serves as the CEO and Chief Economic Development Officer of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance.