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School of Law Honors Program

Promoting an exclusive brand of academic excellence that is enriching and rewarding, the Liberty Law Honors Program will help to unlock your full potential as a high-performing law student.

The Honors Program provides a unique and challenging academic experience that transcends traditional law school. Enriching Liberty’s overall program of legal education, it builds on our reputation as an institution committed to academic excellence.

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Admittance into the Honors Program

The Honors Program has two entry points—one if you are an entering student and another after your first year of law school.

1. Entering first-year students are eligible to apply to the Honors Program if you meet one of the following minimum qualifications:

  • LSAT of at least 165
  • Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.25 and an LSAT of at least 160
  • Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5 and an LSAT of at least 158

2. After a successful first year at the School of Law, rising second-year students are eligible to apply to the Honors Program if you have earned at least a cumulative 3.5 GPA in the first year of law school, ranked within the top 15% of your class, and accepted an offer to join the Liberty University Law Review.

Tory Lucas
Tory L. Lucas, Director of the Honors Program at Liberty Law

Maintaining Honors Program Status

To continue in the Honors Program, you must maintain standing within the top 15% of your class throughout law school, actively participate in the mandatory aspects of the Honors Program, and participate in Law Review.

Honors Program Benefits

The School of Law’s Honors Program offers a rich and rewarding law school experience.
The Honors Program benefits may include:

  • Participating in the Law Review
  • Presenting a paper to School of Law faculty and students
  • Engaging in roundtable discussions with faculty, Honors Program students, and Honors Program alumni
  • Competing with teams such as Trial Team, Moot Court, and Negotiations
  • Taking the Judicial Clerkship Seminar
  • Serving as a research assistant for School of Law faculty
  • Having coffee, lunch, or dinner with faculty, visiting judges, or visiting attorneys
  • Pairing with a faculty mentor who has experience in your area of interest
  • Seeking student mentors who are upper-level Honors Program students
  • Participating in spiritual engagement opportunities
  • Conducting a special independent research project that results in a paper of publishable quality
  • Networking with Honors Program Alumni

Honors Program Recognition

Completing the Honors Program at Liberty Law is a unique and challenging law school experience that shows a commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence. Therefore, upon successful completion of the Honors Program, each Honors Program student will be recognized at graduation and his or her transcript will contain an appropriate notation of academic distinction.