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Our law school clinics will give you the practical skills you need to approach your legal profession with confidence. Prosecution Clinic students will be exposed to the role and responsibilities of a prosecutor, while Constitutional Litigation Clinic students will play an essential role in federal and state cases affecting religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family.

Clinical Programs

Intellectual Property Clinic

Students in the Intellectual Property Clinic help real clients solve intellectual property problems. The clinic primarily assists start-up businesses, veteran-owned businesses, and Christian ministries with trademark, copyright, and trade secret issues. This includes counseling such clients on things like product naming, brand identification, protecting creative works (literature, music, movies, artwork, and software), and protecting client lists and other confidential information.

The clinic is proud to be certified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for trademark practice. Under the supervision of the clinic director, students conduct trademark searches, counsel clients on trademark protection, and file trademark applications with the USPTO.

The application process is competitive and accepted students are required to take courses in trademark law and general intellectual property law.

Get Involved

Andrew P. Connors, Esq.
Intellectual Property Clinic Director
(434) 592-5300

Potential clients are encouraged to request to participate in the clinic by emailing

Prosecution Clinic

Work closely with Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorneys and get the opportunity to represent the Commonwealth of Virginia in the prosecution of criminal law cases. Law school clinic students will construct plea offers with defense counsel, prepare witnesses for court, and conduct hearings and criminal trials.

The Prosecution Clinic offers law school students the opportunity to participate in a summer and fall externship in Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Offices. Students will work under the direct supervision of a faculty supervisor and Commonwealth Attorney’s Office prosecutors and will be involved in all aspects of criminal prosecution.

The clinic will also contain a classroom component where you will cover subject matter that includes the following:

  • Role of the prosecutor
  • Ethics
  • Prosecutorial discretion
  • Plea bargaining
  • Preparing for motions and hearings
  • Responding to requests for discovery
  • Litigation skills
  • Preparing jury instructions
  • Understanding sentencing guidelines, etc.

You also may conduct legal research and writing, write motions and briefs, and give oral arguments. Receive two credit hours each for the summer and fall semesters, respectively.

Get Involved

Cynthia E.Tompkins
Center for Prosecution Director
(434) 592-5300

Constitutional Litigation Clinic

Gain the unique opportunity to help safeguard constitutional liberties in real cases. Through the clinic, you will provide assistance on actual constitutional matters while receiving guidance and training from expert civil rights attorneys. You will play an important support role in federal and state cases affecting religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family. Through the clinic, you will also have the opportunity to protect constitutional freedoms, defend first principles, and help restore the culture.

In this intense clinical experience, you’ll learn more about these topics:

  • Civil procedure
  • Evidence
  • Substantive law
  • Law office management
  • Ethics
  • Professional responsibility

Get Involved

Joseph J. Martins
Director for the Constitutional Litigation Clinic
(434) 592-5300