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Commencement FAQ

Commencement 2021 FAQ

General Questions

Can 2019-2020 graduates participate in this year’s in-person and/or virtual ceremonies?
If I graduated in 2020, do I submit another degree completion application to participate in the 2021 Commencement activities?
When is the Commencement RSVP Deadline?
When will I get my diploma?
Can I participate in Commencement another year?
Will Liberty offer on-campus housing for Commencement this year?
Who is the keynote speaker for the 2021 Main Commencement Ceremony?
Is there a Commencement check-in event this year?
How will the main ceremony be handled?
Will Baccalaureate be held this year?
Will Liberty reimburse me for my plane ticket, hotel reservations, etc. if I previously canceled those?
How can I watch the Commencement ceremonies?
I paid the degree completion application fee last year when Commencement was canceled.  Do I need to pay this again if I want to participate this year?

Commencement RSVP and Ticket Questions

Are tickets required to attend a Degree Presentation Ceremony?
Why are some academic schools and departments listed multiple times on the schedule?
May I share or sell my tickets to another graduate or family?
I have a family member that is also graduating.  May we walk together?
How do I RSVP to attend in person and claim my tickets?
I am graduating with multiple degrees.  Am I able to select which ceremony that I will attend?
I am having trouble signing in to get tickets.
How do I know which ceremony to select?
When I log on, I do not see any ceremonies listed that I can get tickets to.
The system won’t let me add more than 6 tickets.
I didn’t get an email with my tickets attached.
Can I have a paper ticket sent to me instead?
Are tickets for general admission?
A member of my group needs an accommodation due to a special need.

Regalia Questions

Do I need to purchase regalia to participate in the in-person ceremony?
How do I order regalia?
Can I purchase regalia on campus when I arrive for Commencement?
Can I decorate my cap?
Do I need to purchase regalia to participate in the virtual Commencement?

Covid-19 Questions

Are face masks required at degree presentation ceremonies?
What Covid-19 restrictions will be in effect at the degree presentation ceremonies?
Will food and beverage be available for sale at the Academic Lawn and Williams Stadium?

Virtual Commencement Questions

If I am not able to attend in person, will there still be a virtual Commencement option?
Will I be recognized individually at Commencement during the virtual ceremonies?
How do I register for the virtual Commencement that will take place on May 15th, 2021?
May I attend in person and virtually as well?