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Commencement: Faculty

Commencement is not only an exciting time for students but also for faculty as they have the privilege of joining in the celebration of their students’ achievements. This is the first time many of our graduates will be on campus and they look forward to meeting you at the various events that are held during the weekend across campus. Your participation in commencement is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

Faculty Regalia

All faculty participating in the weekend events will be required to provide their own regalia. Regalia can be purchased online or on-campus at the Liberty University Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We encourage you to purchase your regalia in advance and do not recommend that you wait until the week of Commencement, as there may be limited availability of the specific regalia colors or items that you need.

For further information on purchasing regalia please visit the Regalia page.

Faculty Parking & Transportation

Faculty are encouraged to park closest to your second Degree Presentation Ceremony location so that you will be able to exit campus more quickly following your ceremony. Handicapped parking will be available in the Speakman Parking Lot behind the Liberty University Bookstore for Williams Stadium and the 3rd floor of the Academic Parking Garage for the Academic Lawn. If needed, there will be golf carts available to transport you.

Faculty Schedule of Events

Faculty should be in full regalia for these events. Please be in contact with the head of your individual departments regarding requirements and further information on the Degree Presentation Ceremonies and other events.

For further details, please see the full Commencement schedule.