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Persistent Links Tutorial

You can generate direct links to full-text articles in many of the Library's journal databases. Online students and off-campus users can use these links to go directly to the article without having to log in to Off-Campus Access (EZproxy) first.

Note: Some databases, including Lexis/Nexis Academic, do not support this feature.

General Database Directions

Some databases (examples below) have an option that creates persistent links for future access. These links will include “” somewhere within the web address.

If the link provided does not include this string, add ““ to the front of the web address (e.g., would become This makes it a persistent link, which can be accessed even off-campus.

Specific Database Directions

Summon Search

Persistent links cannot be created for articles found in Summon searches; however, a URL for a search results page in Summon can be used and shared to replicate the search when copied and pasted in the browser address bar.


Ebsco Persistent links already include the off-campus access information.

  • Open the article you want to link, select "Permalink" from the Tools menu.

  • A persistent link will appear at the top of the article in the "Permalink" field.

  • Copy and paste this link into BlackBoard as an 'External Link', and it will link directly to the article in the database.


ProQuest databases now include proxied links as well.  

  • Click on "Citation/Abstract."

  • Toward the bottom of the Citation/Abstract page you will see “Document URL” which contains the prefix.

  • Copy and paste this link into BlackBoard as an "External Link," and it will link directly to the article in the database.

Off-Campus Access to Databases