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The Jerry Falwell Museum is closed for the foreseeable future.


Dr. Jerry Falwell with Jerry Jr. cheering on the LBC football team in 1974

The Man Behind the Vision

A beloved pastor, author, political activist, evangelical leader, family man, and founder of Liberty University, Dr. Jerry Falwell was a man whose faith in God fueled a vision that continues to be realized in extraordinary ways. 

Since opening on Dr. Falwell’s 70th birthday in 2003, the Jerry Falwell Museum has continued to grow its collection of memorabilia about Liberty’s founder with donations from family, alumni, and friends from around the world.

From the Desk of Dr. Falwell

The museum also houses a library of Falwell’s writings, including books and personal letters.

“Faith is believing what God says in spite of circumstances. Faith is simply taking God at His Word.”

– Dr. Jerry Falwell

Experience the Collection of a Lifetime

The Jerry Falwell Museum allows visitors to experience the life of one of the most significant Christian leaders of the 20th Century.

Come and learn about the incredible life and legacy of Dr. Jerry Falwell.

Begin your visit to Liberty University and the Jerry Falwell Museum with a stop at the Hancock Welcome Center to receive an approved parking pass to use during your visit

For more information, please contact the museum at (434) 582-7578.


“Prayer Meeting in the Snow” on January 21, 1977

The student body, faculty, and staff of Liberty Baptist College met on Liberty Mountain to ask God to make it possible for them to have a school there in the fall.  By the end of February, more than $2.5 million was raised and construction on the first four buildings began.