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Off-Campus Search Tips

Tips on doing research while off-campus (using EZProxy).

Searching Databases

If a database asks you to pay for an article or to log in, you may not be logged in to EZproxy.

If you are logged in, the address bar will show "ezproxy" Example:

Note: You cannot bookmark a link when you are logged into EZproxy and go back to it later without logging in. You must go through a database and login to EZproxy each time.

Summon Search

Most of our databases will not allow you to search until you are logged into EZproxy. Summon Search waits until you try to open a resource before requiring you to log in. Off-campus students clicking on a saved Summon Search link will be directed to a page listing all of the databases containing that article.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar shows citations for resources and provides direct access to available journal articles. Go to Settings and update Library links to "Liberty University" to see which articles are in our subscription databases. (You may have to reset these preferences each browsing session). This will enable the "Get it @ Liberty" links that take you to our databases.

Article Links in Emails

Many of our databases allow you to email a direct link to an article, but without the link containing proxying information, the database will not display the article. See how to create persistent links for information on creating and receiving article links.



Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) is a unique identifier for a particular article. These DOIs are a string of numbers and letters (e.g., doi:10.1093/jcs/csp040) that refer to the journal and particular article within that journal. Not all articles have a DOI, but if an article does have a DOI, you should include it in your APA and Turabian citations.