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Property Law Program

Area of Study in Property Law

Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of property law. You’ll also learn about stewardship as you study the challenges of limited resources and risks that confront the ownership, possession, use, transfer, and regulation of real property.

In the first year, a two-semester course in property law provides a foundational understanding of the subject, enabling you to delve deeper in elective courses, such as Land Use & Zoning, Real Estate Transactions, and Real Property Litigation. These courses explore the conflicts that arise when the government seeks to regulate the use of private property, when private property owners assert their rights, when stakeholders in real estate development disagree, and other property issues.

To earn your Area of Study in Property, you must complete each of the following courses with a grade of B- or higher:

  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates
  • Real Estate Transactions and Development
  • Land Use and Zoning

You also must receive a C- or higher in Property I and II in order to receive this area of study.

An audited course cannot be used to satisfy an area of study requirement.

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