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Course Descriptions

Required Courses

First Year Required Courses – Fall

First Year Required Courses – Spring

Second Year Required Courses – Fall

Second Year Required Courses – Spring

Third Year Required Courses – Fall

Third Year Required Courses – Spring

LAW 595: Lawyering Skills V: Trial Advocacy (3)

Prerequisites: Evidence
The basics of trial advocacy. There is an emphasis on mastering certain litigation and trial tasks; paying attention to detail; and precision in analysis, thought, expression, and communication.

LAW ___: Lawyering Skills VI (2-3)

The course requirements are satisfied by taking Appellate Advocacy, Business Planning, Estate Planning, Real Estate Transactions and Development, Mediation, Advanced Trial Advocacy, Public Policy Lawyering Skills, or Constitutional Litigation Clinic.

Elective Courses Listed by Term

Subject to availability. Scheduling of elective courses is at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.



LAW 630: Accounting and Finance for Lawyers* (2)

A study of the principles, theory, and practice of accounting, finance, and auditing. The topics include the accounting equation and conceptual framework; recognition principles; inventory and the cost of goods sold; fixed assets and depreciation; liabilities; financial statements and financial analysis; valuation principles and techniques; audit practice; perspectives and the role of the lawyer in the preceding topics. This course is offered as an intensive.

LAW 632: Financial Planning Survey

This is part of our wealth management area of study and is offered as a two-credit winter intensive. This course provides an overview of the financial planning and wealth management process with focus on the role of the lawyer. Topics covered include the relevant ethical framework and disciplinary rules; financial planning standards of practice; overview of financial markets, institutions, and regulations; the financial planning process; relevant economic concepts and principles; investment strategies and portfolio analysis; retirement savings and income management; and other relevant topics.



* Offered as a Summer or Winter Intensive

**Offered in Spring as needed