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Family and Juvenile Law Program

Area of Study in Family and Juvenile Law

As a student in the Family and Juvenile Area of Study, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Defend children who find themselves in trouble with the law
  • Represent all parties involved in a divorce
  • Help place children in adoptive homes
  • Prosecute those who abuse children

You’ll not only learn the substantive law needed to represent these children and families, but you’ll get to explore these issues from a distinctively Christian perspective. We will teach you how to minister to hurting families and bring hope to those who often have no hope.

Those pursuing a family and juvenile law area of study gain practical experience through externships with family law attorneys, prosecutors, and judges. Students also can receive training to become volunteers with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).

To earn the Area of Study in Family and Juvenile Law, you must complete each of the following courses with a grade of B- or higher.

  • Adoption Law
  • Child Abuse and the Law
  • Children and the Law Seminar
  • Family Law

An audited course cannot be used to satisfy an area of study requirement.

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More on the Family and Juvenile Area of Study

“The strength of a nation or an institution is a reflection of its strong family values. The duty of an effective advocate is to defend what God instituted. Liberty Law’s family law professors are exceptional in teaching and presenting biblically based family law principles from its origin to practice.”
— Professor Edna Udobong

“The experience that each professor brings to the classroom allows him or her to teach family law using a realistic approach.”
— Hannah Bowie ’15