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Computer Use at Liberty Law

As a student at Liberty Law, you are encouraged to own your own computer. Laptop computers are popular due to their portability, usefulness in class and in exams, and wireless access in the School of Law.

Classrooms are equipped with electrical outlets (two per table) and wireless capabilities to accommodate the use of laptop computers during class. Our requirements include the following:

  • Only portable computers may be used in the classroom
  • Use of printers in the classroom is prohibited
  • Computer volume should be set so that no audible signal is heard
  • Screen Savers should be set to a black screen (none)
  • In any situation where a computer causes a disruption in the classroom, the professor may require that computer use be discontinued

Computer Resources

Consult the Liberty University IT Marketplace for updated recommendations on hardware and software so you can achieve optimum computer performance and network support.

The IT Marketplace can also help with these needs:

  • Computer specifications
  • Special prices on purchasing a computer
  • Special pricing of up to 80% off normal retail for Microsoft software

Liberty Law Examination Software

The law school offers students the opportunity to type midterm and final examinations in a secured word processing environment using Exam4 software, the same software chosen by the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners for the Virginia bar examination. Exam4 blocks disallowed materials, protects the examination with frequent autosaves and backups, and encrypts the examination file for security. All students who elect to type their examinations must use the Exam4 software. Instructions for downloading, installing, and testing the software are provided by law library staff two weeks before law school exams begin. Exam4 provides a list of supported operating systems.

Liberty Law Student Printing Services

Printing on Campus:

  • There are only 2 printer names on the Liberty University campus:

\\lups01\HP-B&W [for Black & White printing]
\\lups01\HP-Color [for Color printing]

Print jobs sent to HP-B&W can be printed from any student printer on campus, while print jobs sent to HP-Color can be printed from any color student printer on campus.

  • To print from a computer lab desktop, simply choose which printer name to print to and click print.
  • To print from your personal device, visit Liberty Helpdesk DIY page and search “printing” to find step by step directions.
  • Once print job is sent, log into a printer using your LU username and password and select “Release Print Job” to print.

For all questions pertaining to printers or printing accounts, please call Liberty’s IT Helpdesk at (434) 592-7800 for assistance.

Student Printer Locations:

  • Law Library Computer Lab

Black & White printer (can also be used to make copies and scan documents to email)
Color printer (print only)

  • Phase 3 area

Black & White printer (print only)

Printing Fees:

  • 4.5 cents per sheet for black and white
  • 35 cents per sheet for color

Print costs are charged to and billed directly to your Liberty account.
Liberty University is not responsible for print charges associated with the following types of issues:

  • Blank Pages
  • Dissatisfaction with print results as a result of user-defined settings
  • Jobs that result in an unexpectedly large number of pages