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As experts in their respective fields, the University faculty are key participants in building a curriculum-relevant collection of library resources. Faculty input in collection development is highly desired and encouraged. This page is intended to assist faculty as they make resource recommendations for the library’s collections. The library collects a variety of formats: books, audiobooks, e-books, DVDs, music CDs, print journals, online database subscriptions, and subscription websites.

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In order to view the library’s current collections, use the links listed under ‘Owned Resources.’ To discover resources to recommend for inclusion in the library’s collections, use the links listed under ‘Selection Tools.’ For help or additional information, contact your liaison librarian.

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Different departments use different procedures for making requests. Please check with your department about the preferred procedure to follow. Also please review the Collection Development Policy, which governs addition to the collections.

You may save the form on your computer to use for making requests throughout the year.

Notification of Availability

  • You will receive an email when your requested materials are available.
  • Your items will be ordered and added to our catalog according to our normal workflow, unless you specify a particular date when the materials are needed.