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Purchasing Your Books

August Intensives 

Professional Responsibility (LAW 565) – Prof. Thompson
Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law, 3rd ed., by Lisa G. Lerman & Philip G. Schrag (Aspen, 2012), ISBN 9781454803010

Accounting and Finance for Lawyers (LAW 630) – Dean Todd
Introductory Accounting, Finance and Auditing for Lawyers, 7th ed., by Lawrence A. Cunningham (West Academic, 2017), ISBN 9781634604109

Trademark Law & Practice (LAW 783) – Prof. Connors
Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Law and Policy by Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Mark D. Janis (Wolters Kluwer), ISBN 9781454871057

Also required is the free 2020 supplement, available using the link below:

Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Law and Policy, 5th ed. (Spring 2020 update), by Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Mark D. Janis.

Fall 2020

First-Year Law Students

Second-Year Law Students

Third-Year Law Students


Advanced Criminal Procedure (LAW 542) – Prof. Tompkins
Criminal Procedure, 3rd ed., by Erwin Chemerinsky & Laurie Levenson (Aspen Law, 2018), ISBN 9781454876656

Criminal Procedure: 2020 Case and Statutory Supplement, ISBN 9781543820317 (available in July)

Children and the Law Seminar (LAW 605) – Prof. Beale
Children and the Law: Doctrine, Policy and Practice, 6th ed., by Douglas E. Abrams, Susan V. Mangold, & Sarah H. Ramsey (West Academic, 2017), ISBN 9781634604888

Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine, by Paul A. Offit (Basic Books, 2015), ISBN 9780465082964

Taxation of Estates and Gifts (LAW 615) – Dean Todd
There are no materials to purchase. However, students should retain, for use in this class, the tax statutes and regulations supplement used in income tax class.

Basic Uniform Commercial Code (LAW 637) – Prof. Chrisman
Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach, 7th ed., by Lynn LoPucki, Elizabeth Warren, Daniel Keating, Ronald J. Mann, & Robert M. Lawless (Wolters Kluwer, 2020), ISBN 9781543804492

Comprehensive Commercial Law: 2020 Statutory Supplement, by Ronald J. Mann, Elizabeth Warren, & Jay Lawrence Westbrook (Wolters Kluwer), ISBN 9781543820386

Bankruptcy (LAW 655) – Prof. Rice
Bankruptcy Law: Principles, Policies, and Practice, 4th ed., by Charles Tabb & Ralph Brubaker (LexisNexis, 2015), ISBN 9781630430818

Bankruptcy Code, Rules, and Official Forms, 2020 Law School Edition, by Charles Tabb (West Academic, 2020), ISBN 9781684679881

Intellectual Property (LAW 661) – Prof. Connors
Open Intellectual Property Casebook, 3rd ed., by James Boyle & Jennifer Jenkins (paperback; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016), ISBN 9781535598163

Note: The Boyle & Jenkins open casebook is also available as a free download from

Intellectual Property Law: Legal Aspects of Innovation and Competition by Kurt M. Saunders (West Academic), ISBN 9781634596985

Intellectual Property Law Clinic (LAW 662) – Prof. Connors
No textbook required.

First Amendment Seminar (LAW 705) – Prof. Martins
No textbook required.

State and Local Government (LAW 721) – Prof. Kline
Cases and Materials on State and Local Government Law, 8th ed., by Richard Briffault & Laurie Reynolds (West Academic, 2016), ISBN 9780314285010

International Law (LAW 741) – Prof. Mantilla
International Law: Cases and Materials, 7th ed., by Lori F. Damrosch & Sean D. Murphy (West Academic, 2019; American Casebook Series), ISBN 9781640200678

Immigration Law (LAW 747) – Prof. Udobong
Immigration and Citizenship:  Process and Policy, 8th ed., by T. Alexander Aleinikoff, David A. Martin, Hiroshi Motomura, & Maryellen Fullerton (West Academic, 2016), ISBN 9781634599283

Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States: Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms by T. Alexander Aleinikoff, David A. Martin, Hiroshi Motomura, Maryellen Fullerton, & Juliet P. Stumpf (West Academic, 2018), ISBN 9781640208858

Disability Law (LAW 779) – Prof. Lucas
Disability Law: Cases, Materials, Problems, 6th ed., by Laura Rothstein & Ann McGinley (Carolina Academic Press, 2017), ISBN 9781531002893

Disability Law Statutory Appendix: Federal Statutes and Regulations, 5th ed., by Laura Rothstein & Ann McGinley (Lexis Nexis, 2013), ISBN 9780769868851

Employment Law (LAW 781) – Prof. Tompkins
Employment Law, Cases and Materials, concise 8th ed., by Mark A. Rothstein & Lance M. Liebman (Foundation Press, 2015), ISBN 9781609304508

Land Use and Zoning (LAW 785) – Prof. Light
Land Use Regulation, 2nd ed., by Stewart E. Sterk, Eduardo M. Penalver, & Sara C. Bronin (Foundation Press, 2016), ISBN 9781628101294

Virginia Criminal Procedure (LAW 804) – Prof. Puckett
Virginia Criminal Benchbook for Judges and Lawyers, 2019–20,
by The Benchbook Committee (LexisNexis), ISBN 9781522180777

Virginia Legal Aid Clinic I (LAW 810) – Prof. Smith
No textbook required.

Appellate Advocacy (LAW 831) – Prof. Thompson
A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy, 4th ed., by Mary Beth Beazley (Wolters Kluwer, 2014; Aspen Casebook Series), ISBN 9781454830962

Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges by Antonin Scalia & Bryan Garner (Thomson West, 2008), ISBN 9780314184719

Advanced Appellate Advocacy (LAW 832-001 and 832-002) – Prof. Thompson
No textbook required.

Trial Team (LAW 833) – Prof. Bell
No textbook required.

Constitutional Litigation Clinic (LAW 851) – Prof. Martins 
No textbook required.

Prosecution Clinic (LAW 855) – Prof. Tompkins  
No textbook required.

Advanced Research and Writing (LAW 904) – Prof. Lindevaldsen 
No textbook required.