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Bar Exam Support

Get the bar exam support you need by taking advantage of the many resources offered by the School of Law. Here, you can get course support, center and program help, and even the opportunity to participate in our Multistate Bar Exam Laboratory.

Course Support

  • If you plan on taking the Virginia Bar Exam, these three elective courses will help you learn information frequently tested on the exam:
  • Throughout your three years at Liberty Law, you will practice the Multi-state Bar Exam (MBE) questions in courses that are covered by the exam.
  • In your third year at Liberty Law, you can take an advanced writing course that focuses on essay writing.
  • In the Advanced Bar Studies and writing course you will be assigned writing mentors to grade your essays and provide individualized feedback.
  • As a third year student, you will be able to take a for-credit Advanced Bar Studies course that is designed to jump-start your studies for the bar exam. This will give you substantive instruction, as well as practical advice on passing the bar exam, and it focuses on both the MBE (multiple choice) and essay portion of the bar exam.

 Center/Program Help

Law Library Support

Outside Resources

Bar exam preparation organizations are also available that will give you the comprehensive support you need.

State – Specific Bar Information