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Be among the next generation of Christian lawyers who will make a difference in the courtroom, the political arena, and the world.

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At Liberty Law, you’ll receive the education and experiential training you’ll need to make a solid impact on society. Graduate “practice-ready” through our specialized practical skills program and customize your degree by choosing from 12 certificates of concentration like Criminal Justice, Business Law, Family and Juvenile law, Constitutional Law, and International Law.

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  • 2018 Entering Class Demographics: Average Age: 26, Women: 52%, Minority: 23%, Virginia Residents: 44%, Student-to-professor ratio:8 to 1
  • 2018 Entering Class LSAT Percentiles: 25th: 149, Median: 151, 75th: 156
  • 2018 Enter Class GPA Percentiles: 25th: 2.97, Median: 3.41, 75th: 3.73

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