Police get new ar-range-ment

LUPD, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office will train at the new gun range   Amidst the plans to build a gun range on Liberty Mountain, Liberty University will not be the only benefactor of the plan. Campbell County Sheriff Steve Hutcherson said he spoke to Liberty’s Planning Coordinator Brad Butler from the Planning & Construction department as well as Liberty University […]

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Campus crime

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New report highlights 2015 crime statistics Liberty University’s annual crime report released in early October showed a slight increase of on-campus alcohol and drug related violations, zero cases of burglary and no reported cases of rape or fondling on main campus in the 2015 academic year. Since 2002 — the first year Liberty’s crime report was published online — crime […]

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Prepared for terror

Students and officials participated in a bioterrorism simulation on campus A simulated bioterrorism event was held Saturday, April 9 at the LaHaye Ice Center to give students and officials a hands-on experience in dealing with a chemical terrorist attack. Liberty University’s Department of Biology & Chemistry hosted the event. Members of the Virginia State Police, the U.S. Army National Guard, […]

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Safety issue

Police officials discover tree house on East The Liberty University Police Department recently discovered a student-built tree house structure behind the male dorms on East campus and is looking to find the builders in hopes of improving the structure’s safety. Charles Spence, senior vice president of planning and construction for the university, emphasized the importance of student safety over disciplinary […]

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Student access restricted

Wards Road pedestrian walking tunnel closes temporarily from 6 a.m.-noon   Liberty University’s Wards Road pedestrian tunnel has recently been closed Monday-Friday from 6 a.m.-noon due to commuters’ misuse of the tunnel as a way to enter campus. According to Chief of Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) Colonel Richard Hinkley, the pedestrian tunnel was constructed for the use and safety […]

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