Opinion: Christians Must Respect Those in Authority

All across the United States, there are citizens celebrating the apparent victory of Vice-President Joe Biden as president-elect. Likewise, there are others saddened about President Donald Trump’s election loss and demanding a legal investigation over seemingly fraudulent elections.  The political climate looks as heated than ever before. People are easily triggered, whether they lean right or left, and no one […]

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Opinion: Political Arguments Should be Based in Facts and Logic, Not Emotion

Amid the rise of emotional political argumentation, the idea of emotions being a prominent factor in political discussion needs to be called into question.  Many politicians and political commentators commonly assert that facts and logic are the best and truest way to argue ideas. While emotional appeal certainly has its place in politics and campaigning, facts and logic should be […]

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Opinion: Outlets That Attract the Most Attention Control the Narrative

In a brutally honest 2011 interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, comedian Jon Stewart brilliantly and humorously laid out his criticisms of the media. Stewart’s thesis in this interview basically boils down to the mainstream media’s bias not toward one political party or another, but toward “sensationalism, conflict and laziness.” While this interview is almost a decade old, Stewart’s […]

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