It is time to reopen church doors

Editor’s note: This does not necessarily reflect the writer’s personal view. For the opposing view, see “Churches should look more like Jesus’ tomb – Empty.” When pastors are arrested for holding church services and officers issue notices during an Easter service, congregations at home and in pews grow uneasy. What about religious liberty? As another week goes by without a […]

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Churches should look more like Jesus’s tomb – Empty

Editor’s note: This article addresses one side of the issue. See “It is time to reopen church doors” for the opposing perspective. American churches this past Easter Sunday undoubtedly hosted millions fewer churchgoers this year. But sprinkled across the nation, an audacious few defied government orders and worshipped in person anyway. “You need to be in a building, especially on […]

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Be content and don’t complain about your “ruined” semester – Adventures with Abby

I’m tired of seeing seniors complain about their last semesters being ruined. I’m tired of hearing and reading about students lamenting that they couldn’t spend time with their friends or go on all the adventures associated with spring semester and the return of warm weather. I’m tired of catching thoughts like “If it wasn’t for this stupid virus I could […]

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