Liberty Champion Staff

Kristina Smith


Kristina is a junior from Crozet, VA. She is currently a Strategic Communication major and Journalism minor. When she’s not working at the Champion office, you can find her around Lynchburg thrift shopping, sipping on iced chai lattes, or watching Gilmore Girls. 

Brooklyn Hess

News Editor

Brooklynn Hess is a sophomore from Central Ohio studying Communications and English. She greatly enjoys writing creatively and spending time with her family and friends, but when she’s not doing this, you can find her at the gym. 

Carlisle Jarnigan

Asst. News Editor

Micah Gilmer

Opinion Editor

Micah is a senior from Stuarts Draft, VA, majoring in writing and minoring in biblical languages. If you know him, you’re probably thinking, “Man, this guy really encapsulates the ‘crazy child’ (as depicted in Billy Joel’s ‘Vienna’), and I know that it’s him I’ve ‘been coming to see / to forget about life for a while’ (as mentioned in Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’).” Micah likes long walks on the beach and talking about his feelings, because he’s not like other guys. He listens to The Gray Havens, Billy Joel (shocking, I know), Third Day, and T-Swizzle — have I mentioned he’s not like other guys? Being inwardly opinionated but never outwardly confident enough to share said opinions, he has no idea how he landed this position. But he’s here now, and he’s spending dusk til’ dawn working for The Man (i.e., Jesus).

Ava Bear

Feature Editor

Ava is a junior from Clayton, North Carolina. She has changed her major three times and finally landed on accounting. That being said, she loves all things related to storytelling, books, and nature.

Kristen Pace

Assistant Feature Editor

Kristen is hails from Scottsville Virginia. She is a history major with a minor in Cinematic Arts. She loves reading! She also paints and plays guitar in her free time. She is passionate about guiding people and equipping them for the gospel through education/teaching. 

Annie Cory

Sports Editor

Annie is a senior from Los Angeles, California, majoring in Digital Media and Journalism with minors in Business Administration and Dance. She loves to dance, go on super long road trips to random places and watch the San Francisco 49ers. 

Aaron Palsgrove

Assistant Sports Editor

Aaron is a junior studying Sports Journalism and Broadcasting from West Chester, Pennsylvania. When he’s not watching or studying sports, you will probably find him either watching movies or playing video games.

Gavin Gibson

A-Section Copy Editor

Gavin Gibson is a writing major from Troutville, Virginia. He has a strong interest in the English language and a deep appreciation for clarity and eloquence in speech. In his free time, Gavin enjoys video games, hiking, and going excessively deep into trivial conversation topics with friends and loved ones.

Rachel Wineman

B-Section Copy Editor

Hey guys! Rachel is a Zoology major with a minor in writing. She is originally from Nebraska, but is currently a (slightly begrudging) Georgian. She loves doing any and all things outdoors, finding all sorts of four-legged, eight-legged, crawling, slithering, flying, and otherwise protesting lil creatures, going to concerts, and reading. She’s also a big fan of naps.

Noah Seidlitz

Lead Photography Editor

Noah is a sophomore studying Graphic Design & Photography. He has been photographing anything that moves for the past two years. He loves capturing emotions and movement in his photos, but will shoot anything for experience.

Anna Wheat

Assistant Photography Editor

Anna Wheat is one of the assistant photographers for the Liberty Champion. She is pursuing a major in Exercise Science and Athletic training. Anna loves to rock climb, hang out with friends, take care of her many plants, and take photos.

Hannah Gilmer

A-Section Designer

Hannah Gilmer is from Stuarts Draft, VA, where she has lived with her parents and brother since she was born. She is majoring in graphic design in order to foster and pursue her love for applied art. In her free time, she is almost always with friends and family, but she also loves watching good movies, attending concerts, running, and going on small adventures.

Avery Veenstra

B-Section Designer

Avery is a senior from Michigan. She is studying Graphic Design and Strategic Communications in hope to be a creative director. She enjoys drawing, watching movies, and spending time with friends.

Emeri Glen

Web & Social Media Manager

Emeri is a senior from Lynchburg, VA. She is currently studying English with a minor in Global Studies and hopes to use both of these to become involved in overseas missions. Emeri enjoys having meaningful conversations over coffee, driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, writing opinionated articles in an effort to reflect Christ, and is a rock climbing addict. If you catch her around campus, make sure to say hi!

Jason Tong

Digital Media Producer

Jason is from Connecticut and is currently majoring in Video Editing. He enjoys hanging out with friends, taking cool pictures, editing gym videos, working out, watching anime, and watching tv.


  • Lonnie Ray Alexander

    Good afternoon to everyone. Just as Miss Savanna Graves, I too am a proud Texan and from the GREAT State of Texas. I reside in a small but growing community located approximately 35 miles Northeast of Downtown Houston, so Howdy! I have been an online student at Liberty University since 2019; unlike the Staff, I am old! I turn sixty in April. I have been closely monitoring the Politics in Virginia, and I am very concerned. It appears as if the voters want to turn the State into the Socialist Peoples Republic of Virginia. I am seriously contemplating leaving Liberty and find a Christian Univerity in Texas. I am concerned that it’s just a matter of time before the Socialists gain power, and when they do, they will be coming for Liberty University. Is there any push back by anyone in the State of Virginia?
    L.R. Alexander

  • I enjoy reading the Liberty Champion newspaper. My grandchildren are graduates and students at LU. I wish the staff would consider looking at the size type. I wear glasses and have a problem reading the paper. You may have other readers with the same problem. Others may need to comment if they have the same problem. Jack Peay Roanoke Va

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