Fall 2024 Liberty Champion Staff

Maria Davis


Maria is from New England and is currently majoring in digital media and journalism with a minor in apologetics and cultural engagement. In the future, she hopes to travel around the world and use journalism as a platform for spreading the gospel. She enjoys creating her own stickers, listening to music, drinking copious amounts of tea/coffee and prompting random sarcastic debates with friends. 

Paige Sturek

On-Campus News Editor

Paige is from Glen Allen, Virginia and is a senior majoring in English with minors in journalism and writing. Regarding her future career, Paige hopes to land a job as a Police Beat Reporter back home working alongside her brother who is currently a police officer. In her free time, Paige enjoys embroidering, rock climbing, reading, and playing piano. Back at home, Paige spends most of her time working on the farm and taking her dog out to coffee shops.

Jaida Barber

Off-Campus News Editor

Jaida is from Tampa, Florida and is a senior studying Digital Media and Sports Journalism. She enjoys visiting amusement parks in her spare time and hopes to move back to Florida to further her journalism career after graduation.

Luke Kilker

Opinion Editor

Luke is a junior from Harrisburg, PA, studying national security. He enjoys playing sports, writing, painting and spending time with family.

Zack Solem

Lifestyle Editor

Zack is a sophomore from Kansas City double-majoring in journalism and strategic communications. Zack finds delight studying God’s Word, exploring new coffee shops, shopping and embracing the exhilaration of crisp morning runs. As the youngest of five siblings and a beloved uncle, Zack treasures precious moments spent with his loved ones. His passion for travel and military childhood background has taken him to all 50 states and various global destinations. Zack desires to continue exploring and telling stories, giving God all the glory with his life. 

Trinity Merritt

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Trinity is a junior from Maryland majoring in Digital Media and Journalism: Entertainment Journalism with a minor in Digital Media Performance. In the future, she wants to be the host of her own entertainment show! She loves to read a good fantasy book, blasting D.C. Talk from her car, and watching Marvel movies. 

Aaron Palsgrove

Sports Editor

Aaron is a senior from West Chester, Pennsylvania, majoring in Sports Journalism. He has a deep and undeniable passion for sports and writing about them. After graduation, he wants to write and podcast for a sports media organization and, hopefully, one day, start his own company that covers the NFL or NBA9. When he’s not letting sports affect his emotional state you can finding him playing video games or binging the newest show.  

Anna White

Assistant Sports Editor

Anna is a junior from Hampton, Virginia. She is majoring in Digital Media and Sports Journalism and has a passion for writing. She is also a licensed cosmetologist so when she’s not in the newsroom you’ll likely find her doing hair. She loves music, classic movies, reading, and Jesus.

Rylee Garman

A-Section Copy Editor

Rylee is from Pennsylvania, and she is studying writing with a minor in graphic design. She loves reading and writing, which caused her to develop a love for editing. When she’s not deep in a good book, Rylee can be found spending time outside in God’s creation with a camera in hand.

Gavin Gibson

B-Section Copy Editor

Gavin Gibson is a writing major from Troutville, Virginia. He has a strong interest in the English language and a deep appreciation for clarity and eloquence in speech. In his free time, Gavin enjoys video games, hiking, and going excessively deep into trivial conversation topics with friends and loved ones.

Noah Seidlitz

Lead Photography Editor

Noah is a sophomore pursuing a major in Graphic Design and minors in Photography, Videography, and Studio Art. He hails from Richmond, Virginia but has lived 17 years of his life in Southeast Asia. The only time you’ll see him without a camera in his hands is when he’s way too far behind on editing.

Anna Wheat

Assistant Photography Editor

Anna is pursuing a major in Strategic Marketing Management with a minor in Photography. She loves all things outdoors and likes to spend her free time rock climbing or hiking. In the future, she hopes to have a career in sports photography or athletic/sports marketing.

Olivia Hess

A-Section Designer

Olivia is a sophomore from Chilhowie, Virginia.  She is majoring in Graphic Design. She’s also enjoys rock climbing and hiking. She loves listening to music and watching TV shows.

Isabella Scafidi

B-Section Designer

Isabella is a senior from Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications with a minor in Graphic Design, in hopes to work as an art director for an ad agency. In her free time she enjoys going on long drives with friends, journaling, and drawing.

Kristina Smith

Web & Social Media Manager

Kristina is a senior pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication: Social Media Management with a minor in Journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out by the JFL Lake with her camera and spending time with her friends. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in social media/SEO management. 

Jason Tong

Digital Media Producer

Jason is from Connecticut and is currently majoring in Video Editing. He enjoys hanging out with friends, taking cool pictures, editing gym videos, working out, watching anime, and watching tv.

Luke Bessire

Staff Writer

Luke is a Staff Writer for the Liberty Champion. He is a senior studying Digital Media: Sports Journalism Major. Apart from classes, he plays on the Liberty D3 Men’s Hockey Team, where he also runs the team’s social media accounts. 


  • Lonnie Ray Alexander

    Good afternoon to everyone. Just as Miss Savanna Graves, I too am a proud Texan and from the GREAT State of Texas. I reside in a small but growing community located approximately 35 miles Northeast of Downtown Houston, so Howdy! I have been an online student at Liberty University since 2019; unlike the Staff, I am old! I turn sixty in April. I have been closely monitoring the Politics in Virginia, and I am very concerned. It appears as if the voters want to turn the State into the Socialist Peoples Republic of Virginia. I am seriously contemplating leaving Liberty and find a Christian Univerity in Texas. I am concerned that it’s just a matter of time before the Socialists gain power, and when they do, they will be coming for Liberty University. Is there any push back by anyone in the State of Virginia?
    L.R. Alexander

  • I enjoy reading the Liberty Champion newspaper. My grandchildren are graduates and students at LU. I wish the staff would consider looking at the size type. I wear glasses and have a problem reading the paper. You may have other readers with the same problem. Others may need to comment if they have the same problem. Jack Peay Roanoke Va

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