William Young


Will is a senior journalism student with minors in business and government. He shows favoritism for topics related to the economy and state of corporate America. He has served as a reporter, photographer, Senior News Editor and currently, Editor-in-Chief of the Liberty Champion.

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Nate Haywood

Graduate Student Assistant

Nate is pursuing his Masters of Arts in Strategic Communications. He formerly served on staff as a reporter, Senior Sports Editor, and Editor-in-chief. Nate is also a DC sports fan, so he says your prayers are deeply appreciated.

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Jack Panyard

News Editor

Jack is a junior journalism student. He has served as a reporter and copy editor and is presently the Senior News Editor on our staff. He also hates the oxford comma.


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Erin Covey

Asst. News Editor

Erin is a junior journalism major and English minor who is passionate about telling other people’s stories. She enjoys traveling, reading the daily news, and eating too much Mexican food.


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Elizabeth Lapp

Opinion Editor







TJ Davis

Sports Editor

TJ is a senior journalism student. He has served on staff as a reporter, Asst. Sports Editor, and now Senior Sports Editor. He describes himself as a recovering Mario Kart addict, rice pudding enthusiast, avid member of the NRA, and an aspiring bird watcher.


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Logan Smith

Asst. Sports Editor

Logan is a junior journalism student. He currently serves as the Asst. Sports Editor as well as the Distribution Manager. Logan enjoys reading, writing and telling stories through any means necessary. His hobbies include sports, video game, anime, Magic: The Gathering and pizza.

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Jordan Jarrett

Feature Editor

Jordan serves as the Feature Editor on staff. Her passion for storytelling spans writing, photography and video production. The lives of the people around us, whether prominent or forgotten, often inspire her as much as any masterpiece Spielberg or Nolan could offer. Jordan specializes in personal profiles and narratives, believing that even the everyday can be marvelous.

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Sarah Jackson

Copy Editor

Junior year English major. Unofficial grammar nerd. Music lover. Avid reader. Sarcasm aficionado.






Emma Smith

Copy Editor

Emma is a lifetime learner with an eye for detail. She started her writing career with news writing and has since dabbled in content development, curriculum writing and photojournalism. When she’s not putting pen to paper, you can find her sipping pour over coffee or browsing an antique mall.

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Leah DePiero

Web Content Editor

Christ follower. Journalist. World traveler. Bibliophile. She currently serves as the Web Content and Contributing Editor on staff.


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Dean Hinnant

Photography Editor

Dean is a senior studying Business and Strategic Communications. His favorite things to photograph include portraits of people, landscapes, and urban settings. He’s exceptionally curious about everything, which means that like most other millennials, he lives off coffee. He also wrote this in third person, which was kind of weird to be honest.

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Jacob Buwalda

Photography Editor

Jacob is a second semester Junior with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography.  He became interested in photography at age 11 on a family trip to Yellowstone.  Photography has become his passion and his work can be seen on his website  Jacob enjoys playing guitar and is in the worship band at Brentwood Church.

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Josiah O’Boyle

Graphic Designer

Josiah is a senior graphic design major in his second year on staff at the Liberty Champion.



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Sarah Keller

Graphic Designer

Sarah is a junior graphic design major in her second year on staff at the Liberty Champion.



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Deanna Drogan

Social Media Manager

Deanna is a junior from Charlotte, NC studying journalism and is very excited to be serving on staff with the Champion this year as their social media manager. She has experience helping manage social media for Coca-Cola bottling Consolidated and for her church back in Charlotte. She is passionate about the Lord, others, and digital arts.

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Prof. Deborah Huff

Champion Advisor

Prof. Huff has been overseeing the operations of the Liberty Champion for over 20 years. She teaches a multitude of Journalism classes for the School of Communication and Digital Content. In addition to her BA in Journalism from Morehead State University she has her MBA from Xavier University.

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Matthew Pierce

Advertising Director

Matt has served as a reporter, photographer, and now the Advertising Director for the Liberty Champion. He received his BA in Journalism from Liberty University and is currently pursuing his MACM in Evangelism and Church Planting from Liberty’s School of Divinity.


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  • Deborah Ann Wiseman

    Hello, I am in the Master Class for Addiction Counseling and I would like to know if you do columns like in regular newspapers. I am 65 years old and would like to do a column on Farmers for Christ. People could write in questions to me and/or I could select a topic each month. This would be Christ centered and uplifting. Perhaps you have not heard about my farming for Christ. I would be happy to share my story if you are interested.

    Many Blessings,
    Deborah Ann Wiseman

  • Hello Mr. Will
    Just received the Liberty Champion and was quite impressed with your article on being
    “well-watched than well-read”. I have always been an avid watcher of documentaries but sure
    enjoy my readings especially “The Word”. I am 77 years old and try to keep up on knowledge through reading and life as it is through documentaries and putting it to use by sharing it with others as the Lord
    has instructed us to share that we might gain more of Him.
    You didn’t list , however, where we could find these docs and films. Are they in your library at LU or in
    book stores or even on websites? This would help me to know as I live in the Danville area.
    Thanks so much for being there to share for all of us that we may exercise the brain God has given us.
    May the Lord bless you in your journey in this life.
    Sincerely, Lynda Richardson

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