Serving for decades: Basketball scorekeeper Randy Tschetter retires

Randy Tschetter, a beloved member of Liberty University, retired March 9 in Liberty Arena after working for 45 years as the scorekeeper for Flames basketball. Tschetter joined the Flames in 1980 when Kevin Keys asked him to keep the clock for the Flames. Two years later, he started keeping scorebook and had been doing it until this month.

One morning before church, Tschetter and his wife watched Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. announce a need for a math teacher at LCA. Coming from a secular college where Tschetter was getting his master’s degree, he was eager to find a Christian community where he could grow in his faith and academics.

“I flew here and they offered me a job, and I took it,” Tschetter said.

Tschetter coached and taught at LCA for eight years while doing the scorebook for the Flames, with sports holding a significant space in Tschetter’s life since he was 5 years old.

“My grandad was the manager for a real small baseball team,” Tschetter said. “And I was the bat boy.”

His love for sports only grew as he got older.

“I was the clock operator on Dale Gibson’s last basketball (game) as a coach for Liberty,” Tschetter said.

Gibson was the third coach for Liberty, and the last game Tschetter worked was for Ritchie McKay, the 10th coach for Flames basketball.

Tschetter has gotten to sit courtside for some of Liberty basketball’s greatest moments in his 45 years, but throughout all the seasons, his favorite memory is of the person who drew him to Liberty in the first place.

“Dr. Falwell was really into sports,” Tschetter said. “He would sit with the students, and the students would pick him up and pass him row by row all the way up to the top. The kids loved him, and he loved them.”

Photo by Jessie Jordan

Not only did Falwell have an amazing impact on Tschetter’s life, but two significant players made the game even better for Tschetter.

“Darius McGhee was top-notch in the nation, and I really enjoyed being around him,” Tschetter said.

The second player who impacted Tschetter’s life is Georgie Pacheco-Ortiz, who graduated in 2020. The love that Tschetter has for Liberty, the coaches, the players and the students is recognizable when he speaks about the school. 

“Liberty is just an amazing place,” Tschetter said. “I am very pleased with the coaches they have in the sports; their priorities seem to be right. The athletes are top-notch kids, and I really enjoyed being around them.”

Liberty has not only given Tschetter an amazing career and lifelong memories, but it has also shaped his faith, helping him grow in his Christian walk throughout his career.

At the age of 25 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Tschetter was saved at a local church in 1976 and has never looked back. Tschetter walks with God every day and evangelizes to people wherever he feels God leading him.

“My quiet time and relationship have strengthened,” Tschetter said. “My prayer time and prayer life are stronger. I have a bolder witness for the Lord.”

Tschetter has been able to walk with God for close to 50 years and wants others to experience joy and freedom by giving God control in their lives.

“Who is in control? God,” Tschetter said. “Have a relationship with him so that he can use you. Be his mouthpiece and feet. Be used by God.”

Although Tschetter has retired from Liberty basketball, this does not mean he will stop doing scorebook for all time.

“I told them over at (the sports information department), if they get in a bind and need someone to fill in for a game, I will be glad to do it,” Tschetter said with a smile. “I still have my referee shirt.”

Young is a sports reporter for the Liberty Champion

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  • Carolyn williams

    What a wonderful uplifting article! I feel like I’ve known him for years! He has been an asset to Liberty and no one knew his contributions until this article and his faith and daily walk with God. I really enjoy reading Caroline Young’s articles

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