Provost Award for Excellence in Research Mentorship

The Center for Research & Scholarship (CRS) recognizes up to five faculty, involved in teaching undergraduate residential courses, who exemplify a commitment to best practices in teaching and mentoring undergraduate research through the annual awarding of the Provost Award for Excellence in Research MentorshipAward recipients are recognized at the Center for Research & Scholarship’s faculty professional development events.

“Research” refers to inquiry that harnesses knowledge, skills, and values to produce new knowledge or to make a new contribution to the discipline. It is recognized that approaches to research vary across the humanities, the creative arts, and the sciences disciplines.

This award process involves a formal peer nomination, dean support, faculty input, and student contribution. Winners are determined by the CRS Selection Committee and will receive $3,000 and recognition at an University event.

Award Criteria


  • Nominee must be a faculty member involved in research mentorship with undergraduate residential students.
  • Nominations are accepted from peer/supervisors only (no-self nomination).

Evidence of commitment to research

  • Curriculum vitae that demonstrates specific examples of participation in research and scholarship and contributions to the nominee’s field in his/her specific area of research.

Note: The following three sections should reflect the research mentorship of the nominee during his or her tenure as a faculty member at Liberty University.

Evidence of research mentorship of students

  • List of students mentored alongside a brief description of the research project(s)/creative work(s) produced.
  • Number and description of all research-focused courses which the nominee instructs.

Evidence of impact on professional development of students

  • Number of students presenting their research/creative work under the nominee at conferences or professional events, with approximate dates.
  • Number of students publishing their work under the nominee as co-authors or primary authors, with approximate dates.
  • Description of research/creative work activities that contribute to the development of the student (weekly meetings, expectations for students, mentorship goals, etc.).

Evidence of success of mentorship on student achievement

  • Awards received by Liberty University student mentees through participation in research/creative works with the nominee.

External support for this nomination

  • Letters of nomination from two students, currently enrolled at Liberty University, who have participated as a mentee of the nominee in a research project/creative work.
  • Letter of support from the nominee’s dean. If the research/creative work was an interdisciplinary research project, this should also include a letter of support from the dean of the collaborating school/college.  

Follow-up Expectation

  • Faculty receiving this award may be asked to present their best practices (i.e., mentoring student, designing research into a course, publication, etc.) at a CRS or CAD Faculty Workshop.

Nomination Forms

The nomination and application process for this award is to be completed in three parts. 

Part I is to be completed by the nominator and submitted to the dean of the nominee for completion of Part II. Dean should plan to submit Part I and Part II of this application by email to by Friday, March 9, 2018. 

Part III: To be completed by the nominee upon request from CRS and submitted by email to by Friday, March 30, 2018.